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 navigated through the NFL in

Coaches are human beings too , and get to have weekends sometimes.And new Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury had one for the ages.As noted by Peter King in NBC’s , Kingsbury wasn’t finished after hanging out at the Kentucky Derby with Tom Brady and Baker Mayfield and the boys.Following the race, he hopped a plane for a three-and-a-half-hour flight to Las Vegas for the Canelo-Jacobs fight.While there will always be some football hardheads who cluck about any time spent not working (Bill Belichick was also at the Derby over the weekend, and it didn’t keep him from winning), we’re approaching the time of year when coaches have to unplug.What’s interesting is when you see the pictures of Kingsbury with a group of assorted players Josh Oliver Jersey , you can forget for a moment that he’s not one of them. As Brady’s former backup, he could have been part of the wolf pack on those credentials.Now, the 39-year-old is in charge, and living large — before he gets back to the serious business of planning his first rookie minicamp this weekend.

The NFL season kicked off recently in an astounding way. Opening night was awesome , with the Broncos triumphing over the Panthers, in a game that was far more exciting than their Super Bowl matchup.With fantasy football also in full swing, fans are excited and captivated, not just by their own teams' successes, but by the entire league.This list seeks to recognize the best of the NFL. The guys on this list are studs. They have navigated through the NFL in ways most players are incapable. Their skill and determination define the NFL. What qualities define a great player? Some would argue its someone who is a contributing teammate Ryquell Armstead Jersey , skillful athlete and one who embraces the fans.Above all, the best players will harbor a passion for the game.The NFL is full of legendary players, and this list is recognizing some of them. This article will outline best players whose jersey numbers lie in between 00-25. When you think of a number as a sports fan, a player immediately comes to mind. When you think of no.23, you think of Michael Jordan. When you think of no.12 you think of Tom Brady. When you think of no.99 , you think of Wayne Gretzky. It goes on and on. Players define a number and today we're taking you through players who defined a number in the NFL.

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