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  • shocked all of a suddenDatum19.10.2020 08:23
    Thema von dsjerbbiter im Forum Herrenmannschaft

    Liao learns soldier's some strain and makes known in case of this hussy, oneself runs to all run not to drop, several ten thousand one fan vomit a spittle, can drown oneself.His low voice says:"You don't want to make a mess of, I have no malevolent, unintentionally walk the wrong room is just."The Mu permitted the face of ice rain originally cloudy or sunny not certain to suddenly turn to open, the blunt door outside called 1:"Be free, since departure vexed I, I know time."Learn a soldier sneer way to Liao:"How, know now afraid?""Yes, I well frightened, your adult has in great quantities and put me a way out."
    "Hum, lazy must manage you."The Mu permits ice rain to raise a cellular phone and see the above of row a scar, suddenly foolish live, that day of on recording box on the ear, to she leaves of not only is a pain.After issue the first song album, she hasn't tasted this kind of to humiliate of taste.That day is that she comes to win sea for the first time this year, for getting away from the vexed person's reporter and attendant, she secretly takes a bodyguard to slip away an outside to loiter about and makes people sorry is to run into rascal, finally report to the police don't dare to use a true as well, fear be entwined by the reporter.
    "Say, how should compensate my loss, otherwise I as long as call a , at least have 100 public securities to bind you to the police station."
    Saying in the smelly rascal is frightened, but the look in the eyes show unintentionally cajolery, "before you yell, I have enough time engrave one of your delicate faces ten words.However I ain't a Ting but walk the person of insurance, so, I give you apology.""What?Apologize?"Mu's permitting ice rain more and thinking more is angry:"The car that breaks and makes unusable me also beats me, an apology even if?"
    "Apology still not enough sincerity?"Liao learns a soldier to originally think that the Mu permits ice rain however just vase just, but listen to student say, she is to be from needy, depend on oneself to hard just have to achieve today afterwards, then say:"If that day, you drive to knock down of the old woman change to do mama who is your Mu to permit ice rain, don't know what feeling you make again?"
    The Mu permits ice rain to say:"Impossibly, does my mama how can sell tomato."
    "You really should enter our class to listen to the language level that I speak a few languages, raise you, don't even know parables.This is for instance just 1 kind, you establish body place ground ground to consider."
    "You?You is ……teacher?!""How, the teacher can not grow elephant I so is the vigor booming?-I ask you, your mama and didn't you lead?"
    This words made reference to Mu to permit ice rain heart deep place, she gain both honor and riches behind lead spoil a high-fed day, already soon ungrateful, but Be brought up by old Liao, the scene came clearly to view yesterday, 13 years old that year, for watering for that vegetable plot in home, her shoulders all whet swollen;At the age of 14 , bought this musical score for the sake of several dollars in the province, she has never eaten a piece of meat for three months ……19 years old that year, for eating a world class the cook personally did of pizza, she spends several 100,000 chartered airplane to invite big kitchen since Paris rushed through;20-year-old that year, just for staying in Hsiangshan City for half month, she bought a set of luxurious villa that takes swimming pool and movie theater.
    Although the words are such,the mental state of ordinary mortal still keeps feeling:"Even if I make it not to, that also the round don't arrive you to teach me."
    "Lead what days all has nothing to do with you?Quickly say, how should compensate me?"The Mu permits ice rain on reading into this and embraces arm to continue to sneer at.
    "You gave that day tomato the old woman is 100 pieces, I also give you 100 pieces of, everyone evened off.Hurrying don't be getting more entangled on this kind of trifles, I still need to rush through seat to once see a singing performance."
    The Mu permits ice rain unable to cay or laugh:"Have no me to appear, what singing performance do you see?That take quickly 100 pieces of come out to compensate me of fix carfare."
    Liao learns a soldier to just say to play and has never thoughts her to really demand, is just intending to throw money to the ground to humiliate her some kind of, Mu's permitting ice rain has already in a flash of hand led bill Duo and smile the ground of Ying Ying to say:"Good, also owe me a record box on the ear and an apology.I am going to perform right away, waited bottomed to seek you again calculate Zhang."
    Liao learns a soldier startled, that is his last boarding fee, extort to come in the group leader mountain student hand in the high school of, do you call how I live?The positive desire has no poise ground strong rob, broker outside the door and then at call way:"Light rain has already put away?Show up!"
    Old Liao feels to here should not stay a long while, way voice:"Had better don't see again forever."Quickly push door but.Door outside more than ten light teachers, stereo set teacher and companion dance the girl and broker suddenly see permit the restroom of the young lady and drill an unfamiliar man from the Mu, all puzzling.The broker queries a way:"Sir, are you how to come in?Know not to know that we are backstage important precinctses here, no admittance to unauthorized person?""Ha ha, I am to come to permit a young lady for Mu to dedicate the floral, I walk right away."
    The broker drills into a restroom right away:"Young lady, do you have a matter?Just that person BE?Want to make the public security grasp him?"
    "Nothing important, he is my old friend."Liao learns a soldier to finally find out exit and in a hurry return to seat up, Anne purely and purely asks a way:"Last toilets how all went so long?Still think that you didn't like to listen to a singing performance, the opportunity to look for slipped away.""Which meeting, I seek Mu to permit ice rain to match shadow, ask be signing."
    "Really?It is quick to see for me."Anne comes out a string of little stars in purely pure this pure girl's eyes.
    "She isn't willing to give, afterwards I beat her up and returned to she is 100 dollars.""Hum, again braggart!"The Anne purely pure Jue wears a mouth to say.All of the light of the big satge put out at this time, one disturbance of grandstand, immediately after ring out a scream, the fluorescence stick stars orders a point, is decorated with the night view of city.
    Slowly spread a burst of and rainy voice, the light Meng of the satge hazy Long is getting brighter, didn't know to use what effect, unexpectedly see rain being floating to spread in the heavy satge in the open.Follow together specially bright light pillar to beat bottom, a shadow of human figure that wears a long skirt is quiet to is quiet to stand, start singing.
    "Forgot when, wasted the spring autumn of time …… take to order some sorrow in eye, you give my festival salute ……"
    This I and your festival singing Qi fan pleasing, the melody tactfully ties up Mian, gorgeous but not the Mei is vulgar, but the deeply drunk cast a glamour more and hover around to curl up in the gymnasium and imitate Buddha starlights to all in a twinkling disgrace, in the whole world leaves a kind of orotund existence.Only two words can describe her throat, that be:Sounds of nature.
    Liao's learning a soldier is getting more shocked all of a sudden, he has never once tried a voice ability good to listen arrive this kind of situation, is like a piece of jade to knock into an in the mind, send out "Ding" of that, not only only will make people shiver, leave of still have been already moved.
    The fan's excitement sets off extremity all of a sudden, the war whoop, screech intertexture becomes one.If having voice can become entity, gymnasium affirmation will be hit into flat ground.But regardless allow how they yell, always cover however the Mu permits the singing of ice rain.
    Liao learns soldier's in the mind to concede, on the mouth but dead duck the mouth is hard, sneer way:"Pack absolute being to play tricks, the nothing important is surprising, also the heel karaoke is a level."
    "You!The teacher how to say like this!"Anne purely pure spirit way.
    If not is to make him talk, otherwise only after death severals the fan of the fanaticism then wants to try very hard to with him.
    Stand on the Mu of the center to permit ice rain already didn't in times before in the restroom of exhausted, she becomes aglow with health, healthy and energetic, absolutely can be treated as that the magic power is infinite.Stand on the satge, she is like a fairy, can say so, the satge is her life, accept myriad people to admire is her mission.
    Liao learns a soldier throat Gu Long, difficultly swallow the next spittle:"This my daughter person's going fetch to do a should is great in the evening.Don't know that she make the voice meeting of bed can't be also like this wonderful?"
    The big star finishes singing a song, on the stage warmly of the applause almost turn into earthquake.She is tiny tiny on bowing, toward a words tube to say:"Very touched everyone can see my singing performance and thank you, you are my best friends.Underneath a song is for an instant one light year , hope that you can like."

  • current of popular wayDatum19.10.2020 08:13
    Thema von dsjerbbiter im Forum Herrenmannschaft

    Anne purely pure smile way:"That is the teacher don't understand Mu to permit ice rain.It is said that she led very bitterly in childhood of and lived in a knoll village of north and had already arrived a 13-year-old primary school to graduate a home to have no money to be provided for her to study.But she has much of ideal, when the dry agriculture lives always self-educated music, until the one day famous music producer goes to country to adopt breeze, not intentional and pleasing to listener arrive her singing, surprised is nature and man, just come out her talent exhumation, then take into training, until the first time she appeared, the whole music field was all surprised to be getting more foolish.The Mu permits ice rain to make great effort, this several in the last yearses she has been being studying the courses of the high school, university, it is already the guest of the college of music to seem seat lecturer."
    Because exterior voice huge, two artificial talk can smell each other, imperceptibly become to approach very much, almost want to gather together at a cake of.The Cui government doesn't stop to comfort himself/herself:"Only wish the teacher just takes lessons language homework for her ……"
    Still have livelong half the hour singing performance just formally start, grandstand already the disturbance is uneasy, Liao learns a few boys of soldier's rear row to shout shout oneslef hoarse, a plastics card that prints to have "ice" word's raising along while doesn't dislike as well tired, another a group of persons then at together voice chorus:"I wait your for an instant, once walked one light year ……" beginning is still very weak, gradually and more gather more many, turn into myriad people big chorus.
    "Mama of, really can not stand."Need not student thinks what deal with his way, only this kind of fanaticism that separates to have generation gap has already made him sit like cushion of needles, " tramples upon, completely for trampling upon me.It isn't so bad to go home to listen to more play."Liao learns the soldier's viewpoint to have a little peculiar, he is cool love traditional thing, ignore is domestic or abroad, but resist in the subconscious current of popular way.For example Carmen that kind of come to say to seem to be Kang to grow bothersome opera at present, he listens to if drink sweet Niang, but a lot of pop songs, he sees as torment.
    Started include to order an urine idea, the station started left see right to see, southeast northwests in the gymnasium all could not distinguished, toilet exactly where?
    "Teacher, what are you seeking?"Anne purely and purely sees him one face anxious, the concern ground asks.
    "Can not contain any more, wanted to seek a toilet urinates, Anne is purely pure, do you want to go together?"Old Liao usually don't choose speech.
    "What ah!"The Anne purely pure Qiao face flies red:"Seem in the backstage?The person is a lot of, can hardly seek."
    The words have never finished saying Liao learns a soldier an arrows has already trodden blunt go out.
    Formerly row seat arrive the backstage want to turn to be a greatly curved, luckily fan how much pay attention to character, didn't get to the place of their big star rests to create a big noise, so here compare outside of the person want to be little ascend 10000%.Only 23 public securities patrol outside the small gateway, the appearance is much more leisurely and carefree than the public security of outside, write a way on the small gateway:"The loiterer forbids to go into".
    Is or so the pain canning not finding a place, rather looking for the corner of a cloudiness to pull a bubble to calculate to heart's content and quickly.
    "Yi, elder brother Bing, long time no see."That public security in the doorway suddenly openings way.
    "Jiang Xiao Er is you."Liao learns a soldier to settle once the Jing see and say with smile:"Half year didn't see, you mixed a public security to be, dry get quite good?"
    That makes Jiang Xiao Er's public security try to please ground to say:"Still go, give elder brother Bing's blessing, be last the squad of public security company is long, be responsible for the safety of this singing performance today.Elder brother Bing, how do you also like to listen to a singing performance?""Who don't like to see beauty?In have a toilet?Let the elder brothers go in Sa bubble urine."Liao learns a soldier to carry pants to say.
    Jiang Xiao Er's side exposes a difficult color:"Elder brother Bing is really an I am sorry, above rules' hasing no pass can not go in."
    "Go to your mother force of, you don't think at in the sea mixed and then say earlier!"Liao's learning for a while a soldier is suddenly great anger, stretch hand to push him 1.Jiang Xiao Er eats not to live his hand strength, 80 kilograms of bodies are malicious to bump sheet iron of small gateway, send out Hua a burst of greatly ring.Flank two public securities not from forbid hand Wu rubber stick Be surprised to fear to ground to looking at him.
    Jiang Xiao Er was originally also a north the city was black to help of a member, year public security job advertisement employee of company, his battle wear the shape is greatly high, the artistic skill is vivid to mix a public security captain, directs more than 20 under charges, got 3,000 pieces of salaries for a month, poured to also eat fragrantly to sleep fell actually, at this time suddenly think of station in front of him of is a hooligan to say a not two eldest brother Liaos learns a soldier, cold sweat 1 drop connects 1 drop to flow chin, "elder brother Bing, there are words saying so much, in fact I am also just to get along ……toilet at inside the right side most end, use up and remember blunt water."
    Looking at Liao to learn soldier's swagger to walk into backstage, another public security low voice asks a way:"Captain, just who is that person ?How so overbearing?You are why so afraid he?We can report to the police."
    "You know what, if report to the police to catch him, my whole life need not mixed."
    The backstage says greatly not big, say small also not small, the more than 30s single is partitioned with the wooden board, in the center of the passage is very narrow, the prop of heap full dog dinner.There are stereo set room, clothing room, retiring room, and restroom...etc. among them, the singing performance still leaves more than 20 minutes to start, staff member's friendly intercourse is extremely hurried, is leading to touch to turn over a box of mineral spring in way, spread 708 fall, also the nobody tidies up.
    Under the circumstance like this, the natural nobody realizes Liao to learn a soldier, ignore he is come to urinate of or come to be a petty thief.
    Thoroughly pulled one cannon urine, toilet but can not find to return to of road.Because the zone partitions intensively, each one leads ways to all have three branch roads, besides is all so in great disorder and dusk everywhere.Want to seek individual to ask, oneself doesn't wear a work card, is misunderstood is a bad egg not like, he walks toward little place of person as far as possible.
    "This door, opens is an outside?"Liao learned a soldier to seek along while, the Ning wore handle knob to push away a door.
    But he soon discover wrong, this is a spacious rest room, the both sides dresser puts full closely of bottle, brush, box and mirror, the shelf also puts indiscriminately everywhere and hang full gorgeous and colorful clothes skirt.
    The dresser side sits a person and sees her very inclined posture and grow to dissipate of in the part, this person must be very exhausted.She says:"Do not say to once give an account you, don't be vexed before performing I, have what matter tomorrow say again."Liao learns a soldier way voice sorry, just wanted to release, that woman said again:"Etc. pours glass water for me.""Hurry, bothersome what?"The order within tone of that woman makes people allow of no brush-off.
    See she seem really utterly exhausted, Liao learns a soldier heart way:"Hand old grandmother crosses the street of matter I am also dry to lead, of no consequence what."Hence walking to the fountain machine the side is prosperous one glass water, put disguise on the stage."Was free, went out."That woman returns overdo, once 2 people face to face personally, all foolish live.This is a face that is perfect to have no time, beat foundation cream, let her facial expression look red and delicate captivating, the eyelashes are small and soft hot to lead, again long again book, the Chen wears watery eyes more charming.Fresh bright lip gloss, delicate informer, even if the disguise passed by with meticulous care, her face still keeps making people suffocate.

  • mouth to keep smilingDatum19.10.2020 07:59
    Thema von dsjerbbiter im Forum Herrenmannschaft

    Liao learns a soldier pressing in still have spare time, the Qu is a quasi- the plentiful hip of Ying strongly kneaded a , that person returns overdo, unexpectedly is a man who doll ups, Zhang Zhu's big mouth calls a way:"Ah, rascal!The dead is mutually!"Old Liao are one punches to his eyes:"Devil!"Very not easy extrusion subway export, the jade tiger, Cui government and shell Xiao Dan etc. more than ten students of classes of leaf all inferior in the big banyan, the everyone clothes is all only fresh, take a good and small trumpet of fresh flowers, fluorescence in hand.Although their everybody looks all about, in the old Liao's eyes, most for ask for an eye nothing is better than purely pure at Anne, tie a lax horsetail plait, lips light lip gloss, work properly of big eyes inside full is an excited air, the short skirt bottom peeps out high round and smooth thigh-this is the most captivating part, but shell Xiao the Dan is equally nowise inferior to, the shawl grows hair and is dressed in to print the small T-shirt and heat trousers of having the cartoon pattern, arm thigh flesh light jade to.Old Liao wildly swallows saliva:The 16-year-old little girl is really a youth invincible.
    He just drilled a crowd, the face was stained with a full sweat, the dress Shan is in great disorder, the facial expression wants to be much distress have much distress.
    The Cui government says with smile:"Teacher also thinks that you didn't come, is just intending and instill the popular trend of a little current young man for you."
    More than ten students waited for nearly half the hour is all some impatient, see he come to all is a color a pleased.
    Leaf the jade tiger and shell Xiao Dan separate from a distance, 2 people have no half to divide a different facial expression.Is alas, old people, really can not guess their viewpoints.
    "Teacher, we enter quickly, soon start."
    The fan whom the gymnasium outside comes together is more and more, everybody is all very excited, get to crowded the distance go, separating 23 meters each time stand facial expression strain, support the police of order.The so heavy condition is really rare, what position does that Mu permit ice rain exactly?Ask for so much artificial she madness.
    Public fee the very big effort just push an entrance and checked a ticket to go in, is already one crowd of people inside the gymnasium huge.Their seat at most front row, leave the step of central satge to only have two meters far.The light of the satge just beat well, because time didn't arrive, on the stage only 23 people was adjusting to try a stereo set, but flicked signboard of, the young men and women of huge photograph have already been doing not stop a scream.
    Liao learns a soldier to feel that the ear drums were almost shaken to break, this energy that helps small fart Hai was still true abundant, almost have no his surroundings for a second of the voice is lower than 100 decibels.What they shouted is all same words:"The Mu permits ice rain, I love you!"
    Turn head a to see, dense of exert is person's head, it is said that come to more than 40,000 persons.
    Imitate Buddha for avoiding suspicion, the seat of the leaf jade tiger heel shell Xiao the Dan separated a quite a few piece, he is hot to slice of vision always have intention to not intentional Piao to shell Xiao Dan, although can not get any response, the taste of first love is the undoubtedly the sweetest.
    Making Liao learn a soldier very much is suffered, he nearby of the person is the Wu Chun Xing who packs pure feeling.The this looks so-so girl really arouses not to rise his interest.The arrangement of seat for Wu Chun Xing is also very dissatisfied, she hopes to sit handsome boy the leader of class Cui flanks of government most , hads better be ability's high tide in the singing performance and secretly grasps his hand ……
    Liao learns a soldier according to the arrangement of seat and silently studies these kid's delicate mental states.All of most of tickets are what Cui government makeses, the position is also an another matter to arrange first.His flank is that Anne is purely pure, mama of, does the toad still want to eat swan meat.The body that sees a Cui government just a little tilts to one sides purely pure angle toward Anne, old Liao knows that that settling is an engaging fair lady, gentleman good Qiu.All of the surroundings of leaf jade tiger are boys, explain that his attitude to the shell Xiao Dan still doesn't dare to pick clearly, or pursue haven't succeeded.Be still glancing left and right in Li Yu, don't know at conjecture who girl in the house.
    Four eye Zi beard plans raise a DV camera adjust an audition head Zhen number-his looks is trivial, really can hardly find out girl friend.Chen You Nian side sits Li Wei, two boys relate to very intimate.
    This row student probably 10 people are or so, according to their clavers, other classmates, like Su flies Hong and Mu to permit blue fall in another district of grandstand, should don't belong to a leaf of jade tiger, Cui government this small group of.And ex- several times observe, their friendly intercourses are less, always have severals compare for be good friends with of the classmate form his/her own circlet son.Shine on to see so, the leaf jade tiger, Cui government isn't the only student's head, there is also another group.
    Liao learns a soldier to stare at Wu Chun Xing to see around and say with smile:"The star hasn't appeared and rather and first explain in detail that star for teacher what position."
    Wu Chun Xing sees his vision"Yin Xie", seem to want to check body for oneself general, the face brushes Be getting reder all of a sudden, the favour says:"The Mu permits singing of ice rain very good to listen, her Be from very destitute, the effort one step one step depending on oneself climbs to this position."
    Take a few words, walk over heel Anne purely and purely say:"Is purely pure, I change a seat with you not very good?My eyes are a little bit partial to light and sit this seat to see at you just know, otherwise can't see pure over there."
    Anne purely purely tiny smile way:"Good."
    It lambastes in the Cui government heart:"I am very not easy and purely approach so, smelly 38 didn't see me here, run to blend what good matter?"Originally returned the face that the spring breeze ripples to become fermented bean curd.
    Wu Chun Xing a sit down body, then gathered together to get fed up with a track in the past:"Leader of class, you most like that the Mu permits ice rain of what song?"Stick very nearly, the lips almost run into his cheeks.Anne purely and purely sees their 2 people, have Wu, say with smile:"Originally you ……ha ha, that I was first past, didn't bother you."
    Without any reason lose best chance, more important of still keep being misunderstood by the idea middleman, Cui government spirit the large intestine almost drop an ass and take out face to leave a half rice, cold way:"I like everything."
    Liao learns a soldier to sit ascend Anne is purely pure, at this height one meter 75 of girl flank, old Liao has to stick out chest a convex belly, sitting as far as possible must keep most , although is very tired, felling at least compare just wanted enjoy please the eye much.
    "All what strange name, listen to have never heard.In fact I compare to like better Pa tile that Luo Di sings on stage of Italian opera."
    "You?Can not believe, do I still think that you will like to twist a harvest song."Anne purely and purely and seldom said sentence wisecrack remark, immediately after see old Liao pitiful helpless facial expression purse one's lips but smile.Her smile to open such as the orchid, light and pleasant, isn't bright brilliant that kind of, but make people once in a very long while enjoy in retrospect.
    Mixed at hooligan Si before, career had never led to fall in love with woman, but flirt girl in the bar but backlog quite a few experience, he was almost easy to read to come to sentence:"Younger sister, your chest shape isn't bad, where whole?"The end province makes a pretense of music master's tone to say since own teacher's identity:"The opera is a foreign country tradition, twisting the harvest song is Chinese tradition, I both all like, the nothing important distinguishes.You don't want to think to twist a harvest song very tiresome, the art method of that similarly a kind of sentiment, and pay attention to technique very much.In the foreigner eyes, they admire very serious.I still the cultural stanza several years before remembering, a group of foreigners twist around a harvest song aunt to demand the scene of signature."
    The Anne purely pure Yan wears a small mouth to keep smiling, then says:"Teacher, I really envy you and speak of a joke always so calmly self-composed, very have its matter."
    Liao learns a soldier to steal to see envying of Cui government inside in the eyes fire, heart way:"Have a great achievement man to learn to order!"
    Cui government gnash teeth in hatred, even if feel the teacher combines to really rob his idea middleman, but see Anne to purely and purely smile so happily, is still very uncomfortable, heart way:"Is indeed as expected old hot.Don't be satisfied all too soon, wait the singing performance let you is big ugly."

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