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Growing up and seeing a family member experience Antworten

When one member of the family goes into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame , any offspring who shows up later has a lot to live up to. Some NFL players even see one of their brothers have success in the league and when it's their turn to shine, they simply can't live up to the foundation their family laid before them. Sometimes it's a question of talent not quite running throughout the family, while other times, a player does indeed have a lot of success, but it just doesn't measure up to what their family members did.Today, we're going to be looking at some football players who couldn't quite live up to what their father did in the pros, as well as some players who fell short of the lofty expectations their siblings set.From Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers' younger brother Trysten Hill Jersey , Jordan, to the late Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton (1954-1999) and his son, Jarrett, we're pretty sure you'll recognize at least a few of the times that I'll mention in my list. Let's take a look at 10 NFL players who lived in their father's shadow and 10 who lived in their brother's. Don't forget folks, there are many football families, but that doesn't mean that every male in the household will be able to make a name for himself as an NFL player. It is the 20-year anniversary of the 1996 NFL Draft. The top players that were featured in this draft had an immediate impact the teams they played for and carried their teams to the playoffs, and some even to the Super Bowl , changing franchises around for the better. These Pro Bowl, All-Pro, MVP, Hall of Famers, and impactful players made a difference when they stepped foot on an NFL turf. They were feared by opponents and praised by teammates. If not for some of the players in this draft, many franchises would have went a different route. They would not have had the success they had today.This draft class was filled with talented players, so it was hard for teams to make a bad pick. Despite that Tony Pollard Jersey , some teams still made the wrong decisions when it came to this draft. Many of the best players were picked late in the first round or after the first round. The teams that did draft the right players, took the opportunity to change their franchise around.Whether they played on offense or defense, the opposing team would game plan against certain players that were in this draft. Whether it was their aggressive tackling or the way they ran their routes as a receiver, these players were game changers and could turn a game around with one big play. Not only were they great individual players, but they were also phenomenal teammates and did whatever it took to help their team win the game. They were leaders on and off the field and it showed in their game. This is the 1996 NFL draft, the year of change.

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