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ed around the ear. The 12-year-old smile is also deeply hidden in my memory. It��s half an adult, and the pressure of life comes along. . The expectation of fantasy and the cruelty of reality are always filled with my life. I gradually bear it, and one person bears it silently. The study of partiality, the instability of the results, the obesity of the body led to the ridicule of the classmates, although it was inadvertent, but in the eyes of that time, everything was glaring, the first time felt pressure, unprecedented pressure. Everything is always feeling right against me. I don't know when I can stick to it. I don't know when I can laugh. Every time I get hurt, I will ride a bicycle alone, on the bench by the river, watching the kapok fall, they are unreserved in front of me, and bloom as if they are just dancing for me. They were so beautiful at the time. 17, the rain does not stop. This year we moved into a new home and bought a small car. My father was a driver when he was 16 years old. He also loved his profession. He always gave his car to his father. It��s always his dream to have a car of his own. This year he realized it, but my good days may come to an end. . This year's results are still very problematic, the problem of partiality is serious, the irony among the students continues, and the only family that I rely on has also cracked. This year, my father and mother kept quarreling, from big things to small things, I was tired of this day and night quarrel, I don't know when I started, I chose to bear. People say that the 18-year-old is a new beginning Newport Cigarettes, and everyone is looking forward to their 18-year-old day. But I hate my 18-year-old, hate growing up, hate my birth, and hate the constant quarrel. At the age of 18, there was only one cake accompanying me, and the 18-year-old memory that burned 18 candles was lonely, sad, and heartbreaking. I went to the street again, saw the sky full of kapok, stopped, looked at me, I couldn't help but pray, I hope that the Buddha of the East, the Jesus of the West can help me. Help this ordinary person, help this poor person, help this person who has just turned 18 years old to divorce. Perhaps, from that time on, I also forgot to look up at the kapok in those days. Tears accompanied me on the nights of no one, and said that boys should not cry, saying that boys should be strong. However, who knows that the boy was still only a child at that time... Gradually I swallowed bitter tears Marlboro Cigarettes, and gradually I learned to be silent. Gradually, I am no longer my own. I am now going to society. I learned the maturity that adults used to say, perhaps the so-called maturity, which needs to be tempered with painful tears. If so, then I think I am mature. Those days are painful, sad, and I don't want to remember. But those days are also what I can't afford, and they are also treasured. Because of them, let me regain my smile from my sorrow. After the divorce incident, my mood was extremely low, all kinds of rebellious, all kinds of sadness, constantly filled with my fragile atrium. Young, I suddenly felt that I had lost all my reliance and suddenly felt that the whole world was no longer there. Sadness, sadness is almost all of mine, I keep praying, pray that such time can be frozen, such a world can stop turning, so I can stop the fragile heartbeat like this, keep on, I keep praying It is their perseverance, their careful companionship, their warm words. I was in a daze on the bench and did not notice their arrival at all. One, another, sitting next to me, watching me with the falling of kapok, from the gorgeous flying dance to the dirty mud, always accompanying me, never give up. When I go back to God and go to see them, everyone is serious, but there is a little sadness behind the serious. I don��t know why, my heart is not so painful, the cold heart has a little temperature Cigarettes Online, although very Low, but enough to warm my whole body, just like this Carton Of Cigarettes, we watched the drift of kapok together, enjoying the tingling of the sun in the breeze, together, gradually, I began to change, became cheerful, changed The sun was shining, and it gradually came out from the shadows of that time. Afterwards, I asked them why, at that time, "You will not dislike me?" "Why don't you say a word?" "Why are you willing to stay with me?" They said: "These are because we are friends." After entering the society, I have already numb the word "friends". How many friends are constantly calculating, how many friends will hurt each other, how many friends are real "friends", the words of friends have been tarnished, friends I have lost the meaning of its appearance. But also because of them, I know that our friendship is so pure, like beautiful kapok, pure, beautiful, without a little pollution. From birth to decay, without a little pollution In time, the wind is messy, the rain is cold, and it will bloom in the short time in the air. This is our friendship, my friends, my true friends. You have planted in my heart. Pure seeds, it grows constantly, even if it is cold, it is growing constantly. Even if it lacks sunlight, the land is dry, it also Growing non-stop. Pure, beautiful without a little polluted growth. Thoughts gradually clear, and brought back to this bench. I smiled at the corner of my mouth. Continue to look at the sky of kapok. Still so, pure Beautiful without a little pollution of yesterday's kapok, I am weeping for your fall, today's kapok is still the flower of the past, but the people who appreciate the flowers, is not the person of yesterday. The day of the weeping, reflecting the beautiful kapok Newport 100S.

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