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keep playing football in some capacity, the CFL has always been there. It's a tough adjustment for players, as there's a whole n Antworten

The struggles of E.J. Manuel Dwayne Haskins Jersey , Christian Ponder and Johnny Manziel along with the unexpected retirement of Jake Locker, have all left NFL fans and scouts alike wondering why teams continue to reach for risky quarterbacks using their first round picks. Even Geno Smith has had his struggles after being selected in the early part of the second round. On the other hand, Tom Brady was selected in the 6th round, Russell Wilson went in the 3rd round, and even Aaron Rodgers lasted until the 24th pick of the 1st round. Throughout history, there have been a large number of quarterbacks who were gobbled up with first round picks only to fail at becoming franchise quarterbacks.Ryan Leaf might have had all the tools a quarterback might need to succeed in the league, but his mind and attitude were not quite up to task. JaMarcus Russell was an intimidating presence in the pocket, but his preparation and waistline were not up to NFL standards. Dan McGwire stood tall at 6-foot-8 D.K. Metcalf Jersey , but that never helped him release the ball or even get it down the field. Heath Shuler had mad skills that enticed many scouts, but he struggled to complete passes in the NFL. Tim Tebow was one of the most decorated college quarterbacks of the modern era, but his lack of arm strength has prevented him from landing a permanent job. Despite plenty of promise, these quarterbacks were all far from being franchise quarterbacks, instead being considered casualties of the first round.If the following list of underachievers proves one thing, it might even be that there are even more first round misses at quarterback than the 20 who made this list. These quarterbacks were all highly touted selections in the modern era (starting in 1980s) who never played up to their hype. In an irony of sorts, the Seattle Seahawks have three players on this list and have finally found their franchise quarterback, after selecting him (Russell Wilson) in the 3rd round. For various reasons , these 20 players stand as some of the most well-known misuses of extremely valuable first round picks. The NFL is the league that every aspiring football player wants to play in, but there comes a certain point where that dream just isn't a possibility anymore. We've seen players have their stints in the NFL, but just can't seem to find a stable home there. For players who still feel they have some years left in the tank, and want to keep playing football in some capacity, the CFL has always been there. It's a tough adjustment for players, as there's a whole new set of rules to learn, and the CFL's style is vastly different from its U.S. counterpart, but some players actually prove to be a better fit for the league up north.It's good for a football player to have options if opportunities run dry in the NFL Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , and the return of the XFL next year will only provide more chances for struggling players to salvage their livelihoods.Sure, the CFL loses more players to the NFL, but there are still former NFL stars—most of which were first-round picks—who seem to be doing better on the CFL's 110-yard field as opposed to an NFL field. The CFL brands itself as a rather progressive league of opportunity for struggling players who want to hone their existing talent and/or need a new home for the time being.We'll take a look at familiar faces that any NFL fan will recognize, but we'll also check out interesting, lesser known guys. With all that said, let's gravitate towards to the list's topic—former 20 NFL castoffs that recently got contracts in the CFL.

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