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on how to make a 3D pumpkin craft with ribbon Antworten

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Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Ribbon Hair Clip for Halloween

by Molly Zhou · July 2, 2019

Today I will show you a new DIY project for Halloween on how to make a 3D pumpkin craft with ribbon. You can try to make one for your kids.

If you are seeking for craft ideas of hair accessories for Halloween, then my article would be a little helpful! I came up with this 3d pumpkin craft idea when I saw the pumpkins. I just pick some yellow ribbons and a bare hair clip to go! Now follow my steps on how to make ribbon hair clip for Halloween now!

Jewelry craft supplies needed in the lovely ribbon pumpkin DIY project:

15mm Yellow Ribbons
10mm Green Ribbons
Jewelry Making Tools
Iron Hair Clip
Glue Gun

Instructions on making the pumpkin ribbon hair clip:
Step 1: Place yellow ribbons

1st Women's Nike Shox OZ D Black Peach UK , cut 4 pieces of 15mm yellow ribbons in equal length;
2nd, place a cross with 2 ribbons as pictured;

3rd, place another cross and stick it to the original one to form a round shape.

Step 2: Create ribbon pumpkin

Stick symmetrical ribbons together respectively and also stick all sets together to form a pumpkin-like shape.

Step 3:Add green ribbons

1st, cut a short green ribbon Nike Roshe Cortez NM SP Black White UK , and roll it and attach to the pumpkin roof;
2nd, cut another shorter ribbon and fold it into halves and stick it to the pumpkin top.

Step 4:Finish the hair clip
Stick a green ribbon to the hair clip and finally attach the pumpkin to the hair clip.

Here comes the final look of my cute and lovely ribbon pumpkin hair clip!

This lovey 3D pumpkin craft ribbon hair clip is easy to make since it only requires ribbons and bare hair clip. Ribbons are common in daily life and the glue gun is really cheap at our site. So you see that this ribbon pumpkin hair clip is very cost-efficient and everyone can make one for your kids!! To lead a tobacco free life, there are many options in front of you. One of the interesting options is the use of electronic cigarettes. In the electronic-cigarette smoking world, you can enjoy smoking every time by using different types of cigarette flavours. This article will take your attention to different electronic cigarettes available in the market.

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