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After Sun Xiaokong was ready, he set off early the next morning. After two days, he went to a small village and suddenly saw a little girl of 13 years old. She was yelling at his mother and said, "Mom, I am going, I am going!" "No, I can't." Let you go, how can you take such a big risk for a girl? No!�� Her mother obviously disapproved, but Xiaokong didn��t know what risk she was going to take, so she asked her: ����Little sister, where are you going to take risks? Why is your mother not letting you go?" "I am going to find a magic book for the humans in the outside world to save the humans outside, but my mother will not let me go. Little sister Answer, this, you can rest assured, I will help you, because I am also looking for a magic book for the outside humans, so if your mother promises you, let's go together! After the small space is finished Marlboro Gold, go Looking for the younger sister's mother, with the small three-inch tongue, the little sister's mother finally agreed. After a while, they set off on the road. Xiaokong knew that the little sister was called Mei Yali. And from the words of Yali, I know that Yali is one. Kind and brave girl. After a few days on the road, they went to a place where they were in war. Yali and Xiaokong ignored their own safety. They had 12 old people, 8 children, and two strange creatures. The two creatures knew where they were going, and they said that they had to go. They also introduced themselves. A pig who looks like a pig said that he is a pig, and he has many self-defense weapons. He will have many spells. There is also a dragon-horned man who says that he is called dragon dragon, he will have a little magic, and he will have a lot of power and will fly the sky. Xiaokong thinks that they are not bad, they promised that four people were on the road and walked to one. In front of the cave, there was intermittent crying in the cave. Occasionally, the back of the dragon appeared on the wall. The four people were strong and courageous. They decided to go in and take a look carefully. The road just came to half and there was another cry. The four people in the small space were scared to death. After walking for a while, they reached the hole. It turned out that a dragon was crying. It said it was called Longbao. Every day, I stayed alone, very lonely. Save the people outside. When it listens to the small space After their introduction, they said, "I am going with you, ok? My mother can't stand the attack of humans on our dragons Marlboro Red. It has gone crazy. It has completely evolved into a cruel dragon Newport 100S. It kills humans everywhere, and ignores me. I have been here for 4 years. We have a lot of dragons. Ability, can evolve, but also swallow, spit, and ice, I am the wood fire family in the dragon, there is a skill beyond the general dragon, let me go with you! I can also help you. "Xiaokong, they think that Longbao is very sincere, and because of the poor Longbao, he decided to take him with him.

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