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ensure that you are ready for the Prom Antworten

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27 Tips to a Successful Prom Family Articles | January 10 , 2005
Print out this ... and follow it to ensure that you are ready for the ... Months before ... Budget - Find out how much money your parents are willing to ... to your prom. St

Print out this checklist and follow it to ensure that you are ready for the Prom.

Four Months before Prom:

___Set Budget - Find out how much money your parents are willing to contribute to your prom. Start to earn and save money to cover the difference.
___Magazines - Buy a few Prom magazines and look through them to find retailers of dresses and accessories.
___Dress - Start to get ideas of what type of dress you would like to buy. Cut out pictures from magazines and start a scrap book.
___Hairstyles - Clip potential hairstyles from books and websites.
___Skin Care - Time to get your skin looking its best. Drink a lot of water, eat fruit Nike Shox Womens Clearance , exercise, and wash your face nightly before going to bed. Make sure that you keep up this regiment until the Prom.
___Schedule Dental Appointment - Make an appointment for two weeks prior to your prom. This way your smile can be it?s brightest.
___Get the Guy - Pick out your perfect dream date and make sure that he decides that you are his perfect date as well.

Three Months before Prom:

___Order your Dress - Shopping for a dress can be done on-line or locally. With your ideas already in a scrap book and your magazines listing local retailers you should be ready to find the perfect dress.
___Alterations - Don?t put this off. Get your alterations done early. It does not cost a lot and having a perfect fit is worth it!
___Accessories - You?ve got the dress Nike Shox Mens Clearance , but don?t stop there. You have to have a knock out pair of earrings, necklace and shoes to complete the look. Make sure that you buy a small handbag to match your dress. You will need something to carry cash Nike Shox Shoes Clearance , ID, and a phone for emergencies.
___To Limo or not to Limo? - If you are planning to rent a limo then it is time to make reservations. You may be required to make a deposit. Be make sure to get a receipt and note the person that took your reservation. If the cost seems to be out of your budget Cheap Nike Shox Clearance , go together with several other people to minimize the cost.
___Restaurant Reservations - Decide where you will be dining and make your reservations early.

One Month before Prom:


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