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Finding a job is never easy nike air force 270 sale , especially in the current economic climate where jobs are really Job hard to come by and redundancies are the norm. Because of all the job losses this means that consumers have less expendable income, and this therefore has a knock on effect on to other businesses whether it is service based or not. Because if the consumers aren’t spending money due to the lack of jobs and expendable income then this means that they are not spending their money at all.

The outcome of this is that more and more businesses suffer a lack of custom and therefore have to go into administration.

Even the big companies are not safe, there has been a large number of high street casualties added to the long list of firms going bust. Most notably in the last few weeks HMV and Blockbusters have gone into administration. If these huge national companies aren’t coping with the recession then how an earth are the small sole traders going to survive who may only employ one or two people?

Recently the amount of people in work had risen to 29.7 million with the creation of 37,000 jobs in the final quarter of 2012, this shows that the economy on the mend and that businesses are willing to take on staff again. To be able to get a job lots of people have to work part time rather then full time as these are often the only hours available.

A fast way to gain work that’s easily accessible is to register with a recruitment agency. But if you are looking for government jobs nike air force 1 flyknit womens sale , then its recommend to refer the online portal like Get Sarkari Naukri. Most of the time it’s quick and simple and all that needs to be done is to upload a CV and covering letter.

The benefit of registering with an agency is that they do the searching for the customers and if anything comes to the surface that will be applicable to a particular client they will be in touch with them.

Some of the hardest hit are young people, as they need ‘experience’ to get a job. But as they have just left education many students have little or no experience at all, so if no employer is willing to take them on to give them that vital experience then they are never going to get it. The only option is for them to continue into higher education; at least here students can go on placement schemes and gain that vital experience needed that all employers crave.

Today's IT Professional has a great opportunity for starting a small business as an Independent Computer Consultant... A career that can provide an excellent salary, an ultimate level of job security, unmatched growth opportunities and more.

Yet so many qualified techs are hesitant to even try because they believe it might be too hard to find enough clients or get enough consistent nike air force 1 flyknit mens sale , billable work to make a steady income.

Well, how many clients do you believe you'd need to make a consistent, comfortable salary?

* Have you been led to believe that you need "lots and lots" of high paying customers?
* Or that you need to bring in a consistent stream of new business week after week to ensure your survival?
* Or that you need to have 30, 40, or even 50 or more billable hours a week nike air force 1 flyknit sale , every week, scheduled in advance to insure a steady income?

Unless you're building a multi-employee company, these expectations are just plain WRONG!

Let's take a look at what is REALLY required.

Now, the current, average salary for an ITNetwork Administrator in New York City with:

* 5 years of experience
* A+ and MCSE Certifications
* And expertise in Microsoft Windows Server Systems and Exchange

Is $57 nike air force 1 mid sale ,719**

** payscale. comresearchUSJob=Information_Technology_(IT)_ConsultantSalary

So, how many clients would it take to reach the average salary level for this position?

To illustrate this, let's take a look at Jay, a skilled and talented New York City Independent Computer Consultant (and a personal friend of mine) who started a small business of his own and is following a Flat-Fee, Proactive Support business model:

* Each of his clients is a small business with an average size of 10 workstations and one (or zero) in-house servers.

* He bills each client $149mo. for a base Proactive Maintenance Plan fee. (this covers all daily monitoring and remote administrative tasks)

* He bills each client a $49mo. fee per workstation (which covers all remote computer support)

* He bills each client a $125hr. service fee for any work that's performed on-site (this is for items that can't be performed remotely nike air force 1 high womens sale , like installing new hardware or fixing workstations that won't boot or have no Internet connectivity)

* He spends an average of approx. 1 12 hrs. PER WEEK on-site for each client.

So, for each client per month, Jay's fees equal:

* A base fee of - $149
* 10 Workstations - $490
* 6 hrs. on-site - $750
* Total Monthly Income per Client - $1389

So, if Jay has a client base of only 4 Small Business Clients - his monthly income is $5,556 or

$66 nike air force 1 high mens sale ,672 a year!

Is Jay happy? Well...

* His income is almost 20% higher than his peers
* He spends an average of about 1 12 hrs. per week at each client site. That's a total of about 6 hours A WEEK.
* He spends about another hour per day (an average of 15 minutes per client) doing remote administrative and computer support work, such as administering user accounts, running malware scans, etc.

So, Jay is making almost $67 nike air force 1 high sale ,000 a year, while working a grand total of about 10 hours a week.

Yes, Jay is happy.

But are his clients happy?

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