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Longtime NFL linebacker and former Lions General Manager Matt Millen is a week removed from heart transplant surgery.And as he recovers , he told Peter King of NBC’s that he hopes to make the most of the second chance he’s been given. He waited six months for a transplant, which he got on Christmas Eve.鈥淚 have not been spared for nothing,” Millen said. “I feel like I have more of a purpose now鈥擨 just have to find out what it is. I鈥檝e got to figure out what my Holy Grail is for the rest of my life. I can鈥檛 waste this opportunity.鈥淚 know I am lucky to be here. When my doctor took out my heart, he saw how much it was damaged. It was awful. He said I must have tremendous reserve from training. That thing was so stiff and hard the doc didn鈥檛 know how it was still contracting to pump the blood.”The 60-year-old Millen said his transplant came from a 26-year-old male who died of a drug overdose, and that reality creates a guilt in some transplant patients.鈥淣o, not melancholy,” he said. “More of a feeling that I鈥檝e been given an incredible gift. There is a purpose to it. . . .“Think of the thought he had to put into this Womens Calvin Johnson Jersey , to be a donor. He took the time to let it be known he wanted his heart to go to someone if he died, so they could live. What a gift. I鈥檓 going to figure out what to do about it.鈥滿illen was even able to joke about his condition now relative to his football days, saying he remembered taking a shot to the chest from Washington fullback Otis Wonsley in the Super Bowl which was more painful than the life-saving surgery he just had.“That was painful,” Millen said. “This is more uncomfortable.鈥漌e wish Millen the best in his continued recovery, as well as send thoughts to the family of the donor, who gave Millen a second chance.Bold prediction of the week: Lions pummel Patriots for Patricia’s first win The New England Patriots come to Ford Field Sunday night in Matt Patricia’s biggest game yet as Detroit Lions head coach, bringing us our bold prediction of the week. Part of a season-long series Zach Zenner Jersey White , it will be exactly as the title indicates: one hot take every week about what will unfold on Sunday. Bold prediction of the week: Lions beat Patriots by two possessions as Matt Patricia picks up his first (signature) winLet’s make one thing clear: Sunday night’s game will either be very good or very bad for the Lions; there will not be any in-between. For the former case, Matt Patricia has been advertised as genius rocket scientist. If anyone can figure out Bill Belichick, it will be him. On the other hand, things haven’t gone very well for the Lions the first two weeks, and with Patricia facing the man who probably knows him better than anyone else, things could go awry very quickly. Last week, Matthew Stafford turned the bold prediction of the week into a reality Womens Matt Prater Jersey , throwing for 3 TDs and no interceptions on the day. While he wasn’t always on target, he played clean football and that was a big step up from the Monday Night Meltdown against the New York Jets. For this week, that means it’s time to up the ante with the bold prediction of the week and that means we’re taking the former scenario for Patricia. With a home crowd that is always electric in prime time and Patricia knowing Belichick’s ways as well as anyone in this league, it’s a possibility (even if rare) that the Lions take over this game and dominate from the first snap to the last. If that were to happen, it would be a big sigh of relief for Lions fans after the mess that the Lions have been in Patricia’s first two weeks as head coach.It would also be Patricia’s first win, but more importantly, it would easily be a signature win—something Jim Caldwell seemed to lack in his entire tenure with the Lions. With the Patriots favored by seven points Womens Kerry Hyder Jersey , for Patricia to take down Belichick and the Patriots on primetime TV would be a heck of a way to make a statement. It may not be likely, but that’s why it’s bold: Matt Patricia will lead the Lions to a statement win Sunday night. If anyone can, it’s him. How do you think Sunday’s game will unfold? Let us know in the comments.

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