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Here are several ways to find and keep great clients when you are starting or growing a consulting business Bart Starr Hat , primarily using offline methods.

First, use your network and announce your consulting business. Send announcements to all of your friends and business contacts about your new consulting business. If you don't have a "network" yet, now is the time to start building and maintaining it.

There are three great ways to update your network:

1. Mail a printed announcement on very high quality paper or card stock to your friends and business contacts. I know, it's expensive and slow, but printed paper mail is more difficult to ignore than email. Look at the offerings of the Stuart F. Cooper Company Kenny Clark Hat , for example.

2. Email your friends and business contacts. Keep it low-key, friendly and personal. Spread out your emails over several days. You don't want to be accused of sending SPAM. There are online services, such as , that make sending emails easier, for a fee.

3. Send status updates over LinkedIn Jamaal Williams Hat , Facebook and other online social networking services. (This is obviously for people who already have contacts and friends on these services.)

Many people make the common mistake of undervaluing their network. Don't make this mistake. Hopefully, people in your network know and trust you and your work. That is priceless in terms of getting referrals and great clients. Also, your "passing acquaintances" may be the most valuable contacts you have. Your close friends probably share many of the same interests and friends as you do. Your acquaintances probably have different interests and different circles of friends, which can result in more referrals for you and your consulting business.

If you already have a consulting business established, you can update your network by sending out announcements or a newsletter. Announcements can cover anniversaries or significant events in your business or industry. A newsletter is an excellent way to keep your name on the top of mind of your prospects Kevin King Hat , clients and referral sources, provided that you send it out regularly -- monthly at least. Online, you can send status updates on LinkedIn and Facebook, and respond to questions posted by others. (This is in addition to having a web site, blog or other web presence JK Scott Hat , as I have discussed elsewhere.)

Second, use other offline methods. There are several other tried-and-true methods of marketing yourself as a consultant:

- Using business cards (if all of your consulting is online, you may not need business cards. However, most consultants will want them to share at conferences, etc. You can buy them at or . Business cards are most effective when you follow up with some type of contact - even an email or note just to say "nice to meet you" after the fact);

- Giving presentations and speeches at conferences and events Josh Jackson Hat , and to interest groups (such as trade associations);

- Teaching classes (to your prospects) at colleges and adult education schools;

- Offering workshops and seminars live (or online over the web)

- Writing books, brochures, and articles for publication offline and online;

- Using press releases and publicity to gather media attention for your consulting business; and

This is just a sampling of the many effective ways to get great clients offline. No single method is a magic bullet. You need to try several to see which is most effective for you in your field. Why not take some simple steps to get started -- today?

An extension cord is also referred to as a power extender. As the name suggests, this electrical device comprises a long electrical power cable that is fitted with a plug on one end and a panel of sockets on the other end. This component comes in handy when the existing cord of your electrical appliance isn鈥檛 long enough to reach the socket. So, using a power extension lead enables you to manage your electrical appliances better. You can plug in one or more appliances into this electrical device.

For instance Jaire Alexander Hat , if you have a television console that consists of your television, your set top box, a DVD player and an audio system, you can easily streamline and manage all of these items with the help of an extension cord. However, care should be taken to avoid overloading as it could potentially lead to a short circuit.

Here are a few tips to help you make your extension lead selection process easier:

鈥?To begin with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Hat , determine whether you need to use these cords indoors or outdoors. The next important step is to check the wattage rating of the appliances that you are going to use with the extension lead. The third important aspect would be to check the distance of your appliance and the nearest electrical outlet.

鈥?In most cases, it is not too difficult to establish these facts because your extension cord would already have all of this information printed on its package. Always remember that smaller the wire gauge number, the more wattage it can carry. So, a 12 gauge wire can power a larger wattage appliance whereas a 15 gauge wire can power a medium wattage appliance.

鈥?The next most important thing to do would be to take some time to carefully read the information booklet provided by the manufacturer. These booklets are provided with all types of electrical products such as a wiring harness and electrical plugs.

鈥?Another important aspect while ordering extension leads would be to decide whether you need regular cords, or retractable ones. Such cords are most commonly found in the market today because they feature a special mechanism wherein the entire cable retracts into the housing when you unplug it. From the safety standpoint of kids Randall Cobb Hat , the elderly and pets, this variety of extension leads is much better.

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