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Rumor has it that the Jets would like to hire Peyton Manning Antworten

to run the team’s football operations. It’s unclear whether Manning would be interested. Possibly Marlon Mack Jersey , there’s something that could make him interested.An offer he couldn’t refuse.So what would it take to get Manning to say “yes” to the Jets? We spent some time spitballing about that on Monday’s .My seat-of-the-pants, it-ain’t-my-money-so-I-can-be-generous-with-it dart-in-the-dark was $20 million per year plus two percent of the franchise’s equity. At an estimated value of $2.9 billion, Manning’s share of the team would be worth another $58 million, and that number would undoubtedly keep growing and growing.Would Manning be worth it? Yes. He’s destined to thrive at whatever he eventually chooses to do, and if/when he begins to run a team he will throw everything he has into it.Which means that it will be critical for him to be ready to make the leap when he does it. And he may not be ready for that.$20 million per year plus two percent of the equity could make him get ready. Or it could make him realize that, whenever he decides to run a team, that’s the kind of package that will be available to him.While it may seem like a lot of money Quenton Nelson Color Rush Jersey , a great executive or coach continues to have a much greater potential impact on an NFL team than a great player. With $20 million per year now middle of the pack for quarterbacks, $20 million per year for Manning would be a bargain, if he ends up being as good for a football franchise as many presume he will be. Police in Indianapolis are investigating a Mother’s Day shooting that resulted in over 80 shots being fired at the home of Colts head coach Frank Reich’s assistant Parks Frazier.Neither Frazier nor anyone else was injured in the shooting, which witnesses say was carried out by eight men who got out of three cars outside of the house. Per a report from WTHR, the street outside the house was littered with shell casings from five different handguns and rifles.“About five minutes until six, I was in the kitchen trying to fix myself a little meal,” one of Frazier’s neighbors told the station. “All at once boom , boom, boom! It was very loud, and it sounded like it was tearing up my house.”The Colts had no comment beyond saying they were glad that Frazier was not harmed. Police have not made any arrests, but they recovered a cellphone from the street that they believe belonged to one of the shooters.

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