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Teach your staff how to treat a customer Antworten

Bob came into your store at 5:55 pm. I know Cheap NBA Jerseys China , he should know better. You close up shop at 6:00pm and why should you allow a customer to disturb the staff when they are cleaning up and closing out the register?

Poor Bob. He is just too "thick" to get it. This guy walks in after rushing right from the job site to arrive at your meat market in time to buy chicken for dinner. In fact, Bob does this every two weeks.

Bob gets his paycheck on Tuesday, scurries to the bank during lunch break on Wednesday and by 5:55pm he is standing at the counter in your shop ready to pay for 10 chicken breasts, 4 steaks, 24 turkey sausages, 2 meat pies Cheap NBA Jerseys , 2 lamb chops and some marinade. Throw in another 12 steak burgers and you have his order. About every two weeks Bob spends around $150+ at your meat market and he feels like you are a part of his routine, and a meaningful thread in his social network. He's even brought in chocolates during the holiday seasons for the "lovely lasses" toshare.

You've become acquainted with Bob quite well over the past fouryears and, of course, you appreciate his business.

But then you hired Sherri. Sherri has to catch her bus at 6:05pm or wait an extra 20 minutes for the next one. So Sherri removes her apron, has her purse in one hand and her key is primed in the other, and she is ready to leave at 5:55pm.

For the last couple of months she has barely tolerated the stragglers at 5:45pm Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , but she thinks that Bob's presence with only 5 minutes to spare until closing, is in her words, abusive.

She has told Bob repeatedly that customers that come in late really "tick her off" and that she doesn't appreciate their rudeness. Bob agreed with her that people can beinconsiderate, never once thinking she referred to him. He thought doing business with you and your staff makes you all happy.

Finally, this Week Bob get's it and get's it good. Sherri made it abundantly clear to Bob that if he wants service, he needs to be there by 5:30pm. "Bob Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , I have a life outside this meat market! Why don't you come in on Saturday during the afternoon?"

Bob may be a bit thick, it may take him time to catch the mood, but he has definitely "heard" Sherri today. And guess what, Bob is offended. Bob, the $3600 a year customer, has been chased off the property by the minimum wage customer service staff.

Business owner Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , if you own a store or run an office service, this has probably happened to your Bob or Mary at some point in time.

Don't you wonder how may times?

Well, Bob left the store in a quandary. He thought to himself that he actually went out of his way to shop at your store, but then again he likes you. Bob believes in supporting the underdog, the little guy. His dad had owned a Bakery when he was a kid. He knew how tough it could be trying to compete in the superstore environment.

But this week he bought a steak on Monday at This Way Grocers and some chicken at Eat More on Thursday. He is out of rhythm and frustrated, but Bob's not coming back.

Store owners need to pay attention. Pay your staff the extra 30 minutes if necessary Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , so that customers always "feel" valued. Take time to teach your team that without the customer, none of them have a paycheck.

Teach your staff how to treat a customer, and be the first one to let the staff know when they do it right. Praise them, encourage them, reward them and compensate them fairly. < er yet, MODEL the method.

The staff are there when you are not. They are the message you send to the people who drive across town to shop from you.

Why not take a few moments Cheap Jerseys From China , grab a coffee, and make a list. On the left side: the names of your staff. On the right side of the paper: what they say. Not only the words they use, but the body language, the tone, and the energy they exude. After each name write these words:

"This is what I say to my customers,(Bob) when they shop in my store and are served by my staff."

Now take a look at your behavior. What do your actions tell your customers? Write down the messages you think you deliver Cheap Jerseys China , and what you would hope to deliver. Is there any disparity? What can you do about it?

The competition is plenteous. In no time Bob will form new buying habits and you won't ever see him in your store again. That may be only $300 a month you lose this month, but it won't take long before your bottom line is aching from the deadly blow of customer payback.

That is dire news. But it gets worse yet. You were out delivering wholesale product when it happened. You don't know why you don't see Bob anymore and Sherri isn't talking! Unless you have a customer service strategy in place, with a regular way of communicating with your clientele, you have no way of bringing Bob back into your store. How many Bob's can you afford to lose?

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