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Designer Home: Funky yet Functional Homeware for an Affordably Stylish Home Home Repair Articles | May 18, 2009
Who says designer home items have to cost a fortune? ShinyShack's Anna Clare introduces some funky homeware and stylish household accessories to help you create an affordable designer home.

Creating a stylish, modern home with funky yet functional home accessories has never been so affordable. Gone are the days when kitting out your home with chic household items meant spending a fortune ? these days there's a wealth of choice available on the Internet, at prices that everyone can afford.

Designer homewares also make thoughtful gifts for all occasions Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 2018 Elite Blue White , so here are a few of our favourite stylish home accessories that are just perfect for giving as gifts.


Turn your favourite book into a work of art by framing it with a PictureBook frame. The PictureBook frame is available in charcoal and ivory colours which will suit any room decor, and it can be hung on the wall or stand freely on a desk or sideboard.

The PictureBook will display books up to 2cm thick and from 11cm x 18cm to 12.2cm x 19cm, and the box includes screws and wall plugs for wall mounting ? so it's a complete kit for preserving your favourite book as a picture.

Keypad Magnetic Key Holder

Why do keys never seem to stay where you left them? And why do they always seem to hide when you're in a hurry?

Missing keys need never be a problem again with the Keypad Magnetic Key Holder, which comes in a variety of colours and can be easily wall mounted using the self-adhesive pad which is supplied with the Keypad.

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Magnetic Doorganiser

On average, we waste an entire year of our lives looking for things we've lost. That's a lot of time that could be spent doing something more productive ? or something more fun!

With the Doorganiser you'll drastically reduce the amount of time you spend looking for things when you'd rather be doing something else. The Doorganiser is made from canvas and comprises a variety of handy pockets where you can store small items that you need to find in a hurry ? like your mobile phone or keys ? and the whole apparatus fixes magnetically to your fridge or filing cabinet, so you'll never lose your small but important items again.

Splash Coaster Bottle Opener

We love things that can be used for more than one purpose ? so we're especially fond of the Splash Coaster Bottle Opener!

This durable, rubbery coaster is shaped like a splash of liquid cheap nike air max 120 , and ingeniously incorporates a handy little bottle opener ? so once you've opened your bottle of beer, you can put it down neatly on the coaster and avoid leaving ring marks on the table.

Flux Lights

Flux Lights provide soft, ambient lighting very similar to candlelight, but without the dangers of naked flames and hot wax.

These unusual lights consist of battery powered LED lamps encapsulated in wax cheap nike air max dlx 2019 , on an attractive natural oak base. Flux Lights are safe and easy to operate, and provide the perfect soothing light source to ease away your stress at the end of a busy day.

Chain Bottle Holder

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