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12.02.2020 20:18
How to Start a Cleaning Service Antworten

If you are considering launching your own cleaning service, here are some things you need to do.
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1. Collect cleaning supplies.
One of the first decisions you'll need to make about your business is whether to use your own or your customers' cleaning products. Some customers are specific to the products used in their homes and they may ask you to clean using the items they have purchased, but if you and your employee use your own supplies, you will need to know an economically smart way to renew them.
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Toffer Grant, founder and CEO of PEX for Prepaid Business Visa Service Providers, said: 'Companies in the mobile workforce often struggle to determine the right way to provide their workers with enough money to cover company costs while reducing vulnerability to theft.' 'Since most cleaning work is done outside the office, you need the correct operational support and cash management tools.'
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Grant noted that many PEX clients who manage cleaning services request receipts from employees upon receiving more supplies. Even if your business doesn't have many employees, keeping accurate records of purchases and product prices can help you maintain a good overall budget. Roberts added that you can also save money on fuel costs by efficiently scheduling your route.

2. Personnel recruitment.
You may be able to handle your cleaning service at first, but as your business grows, you may need to increase your staff. While a person does not necessarily need any special skills or education to know how to clean a home, the individuals you hire must be obligated to work in order to do an excellent job.

"The quality of the staff you hire is a key ingredient to success," said Roberts. "They represent your brand there, so they should be very proud of their work."

3. Decides how to accept payments.
As a commercial company that moves into their customers ’homes, you will also have to address the problem of accepting payments. In today's world of advanced technology, portable credit card processors such as Square are the best choice for companies like cleaning services.

"With the increasing adoption of smartphones, the number of ways to accept payments on mobile devices has also increased," said Grant. 'Companies like the idea of ​​closing the receivables by taking credit card payments immediately. There are fees, but for some business owners, getting money faster is the only way to ensure that payroll needs are used and the money is used to grow and continue to operate. '

4. Provide good customer service.
As Roberts explained, being in the cleaning business means being in customer service. Building a relationship of trust with your customers is extremely important, and the best way to do this is to go further.

"Molly Med's success comes from the fact that we devote a lot of time and energy to caring for our customers," Roberts said. "At the end of the day, how comfortable are the customers with the company they assigned the house keys to?"

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