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For homes that are cleaned regularly and consistently, multipurpose cleaning solutions are usually adequate for most cleaning needs and are generally the safest option for use around people and pets and on the widest variety of rooftops, including hard floors, drains, worktops, sink and tiles . Here are 5 essential things to consider when choosing a multi-purpose cleaner:
سكلزات لخدمات النظافة

Acidity / alkalinity. A multi-purpose cleaner is considered to be if it falls in the middle of the pH scale from 0-14, which ranges from slightly pH (pH \ u003d 6), to neutral pH (7), to slightly alkaline (pH \ u003d 8). The alkaline characteristic multipurpose cleaners will be somewhat better at breaking down organic bodies (such as dirt, oils and greases), while more acid-soluble solutions will be better at cleaning inorganic types of stains like calcium deposits, rust, or soap scum (formed when The molecules are formed from a bond of soap with minerals in water). Note that most dishwashing liquids fall in the pH range from 6 to 8, which is why they manufacture great protectors for many multipurpose cleaning tasks.
Safety for people and pets. Due to the pH neutrality, multipurpose cleaners are generally the safest options for use among children, the elderly, asthma, allergic patients and pets. Solutions that fall outside the range of 6-8 hours can burn skin, eyes and internal respiratory tissues. When it comes to other dangerous chemicals - including known and suspected carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, etc. - it is important to know that the manufacturers of the cleaning solution are allowed to incorporate a wide range of chemicals into their solutions and are not required to break each of them. Tagging element (so be especially careful of awning sounding terms in the list of detergent ingredients). All precise printing and usage guidelines - such as good ventilation guidelines, wearing gloves, avoiding skin contact, reducing exposure time, rinsing well, etc. - are excellent indicators of how a truly harsh chemical solution is. Ultimately, the more you clean your home regularly, the more likely you will be to use multipurpose solutions more effectively.
خدمات التنظيف في ابو ظبي
Synthetic vs natural or plant. All cleaners that work well are basically chemical in nature; some consist of synthetic materials (chemicals created in a laboratory or factory setting) while others rely on chemicals produced in nature (plant). Cleaning solutions described as natural or green are not necessarily safer than synthetics. A good detergent - whether artificial or vegetable - will be applied to pick up dirt and free rinse, leaving little residue unused when used as instructed. A weak chemically - dissolved in water or vegetable - can break down when dissolved in water. Regardless of the failure to bind to and remove dirt particles, these cleaners have the ability to leave their harmful and even hazardous waste that does not always appear.
خدمات التنظيف في عجمان
Highlight residue /. Streaking is a good indication that a multipurpose cleaner lags behind unwanted waste, which can release dangerous particles into the air or become a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. When a recently cleaned surface appears to be fast, this is a strong indication that your multi-purpose cleaner is not either a free rinse or you are doing something wrong with the rinsing process. Basically, the same chemicals designed to bond with dirt and lift them will continue to function - attracting bonding, oils and oils - when left as residues.
Convenience for costs. Convenience in multi-purpose multi-purpose cleaning solutions. Spraying is generally easier to use than liquids, as it is previously diluted easier than concentrates, and pre-treated swabs are easier than solutions that require separate fabrics or sponges to apply. Gentler's multi-purpose cleaning solutions may also have longer habitation times - this requires more time to sit on a surface in order to effectively dissolve the soil and / or disinfect or disinfect. Swaps for convenience are, of course, higher costs in terms of label price, storage space, environmental impacts from packing, transportation costs, and potential safety as faster solutions work often involving harsher chemicals.
The golden rule of cleaning is always to use the least severe and most effective solution for any cleaning task at hand. Regular cleaning makes this base much easier to follow; if you don't have enough time to do it yourself, contact MaidPro to find out how we can help.

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