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21.05.2020 08:55
Before introducing Antworten

Before introducing my mother, let me ask everyone a question: "Is your mother very beautiful? Very kind? Very gentle? Still a little timid?" "Yes!" By the way, this is what I want Reply. So, come and meet my mother. My mother does not look pretty. She has a small cherry mouth, a tall nose bridge, and long black and soft hair and waist. The most distinctive feature is her mother ��s eyes. At first glance, you will feel that the eyes are not big, but look carefully , That eye can be comparable to Fan Bingbing's big eye, because it has a special god. My mother has always been cautious in her work Cigarettes Online, and she seems soft and weak in everything she does. You must not think that my mother is a weak woman, my mother is just and brave! On the way, I saw a young man riding a car and hit a big aunt's bicycle. The aunt turned back to talk to him. Then suddenly he stepped out of the sidewalk and the other young man ran to the aunt's car basket Marlboro Cigarettes, and reached out expertly. After seeing the wallet in the basket, everyone on the side saw it, but no one dared to say it, fearing that the thief would take revenge. My kind and young heart prays, don't let the thief succeed! At this time, her mother was fidgeting in the front seat, as if something made her hesitate. Suddenly, it seemed that there was some strength to give my mother confidence. My mother straightened her waist and cleared her throat. Then, a voice rang in her ears: "Catch the thief!" Although the voice is not loud, but firm enough, it is also enough for the thief Listen clearly to the people around you. I rubbed my ears in disbelief. How could this be my mother's voice? Even the strong uncle dared not speak to remind the aunt that her mother had opened her mouth! I saw that the aunt did not run away Wholesale Cigarettes, quickly turned around and grabbed her bag. The thief did not succeed. He pointed to his mother angrily and said, "You are waiting!" The mother screamed without fear, "Everyone grabs him, don't let him run!" My mother saw that the thief had run away, so she walked over and told the aunt that she should take care of her bag and zip it up. It is best not to put it in the basket. The weak image of my mother in my heart crashed down at this moment. At this moment, my mother was so brave and majestic. My admiration for my mother soared rapidly. Although beautiful means young and beautiful women, and my mother is neither young nor beautiful, in my heart, my mother is the most beautiful person in the world. I love you, my beautiful mother!

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