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19.10.2020 09:08
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1. First of all, we need to look at the code of the cigarette pack. The code on the cigarette pack of real cigarettes is sprayed on, and the font is spray-like and varies in size The code of the fake cigarette is printed on it, and the font does not appear sprayed, so be careful when buying cigarettes. 2. Look at the transparent paper of the cigarette case. The transparent paper of real cigarettes feels smooth and has high transparency. You can also hear the sound of the film by scratching the transparent paper with your fingers. The transparency of the fake cigarettes is low and the quality is poor, and it still has a sluggish feel when held in the hand. It feels very thick and heavy to cut the transparent paper. 3. Pick up the cigarette case and shake it. Real cigarettes are packed by a machine. There is a certain gap between the cigarettes. We can feel the inside shaking when we shake it. The filling of the fake cigarette is relatively tight, and it doesn't feel much when shaken gently. 4. Look at the anti-counterfeiting detection point Cheap Cigarettes. The anti-counterfeiting detection point of real cigarettes will quickly turn blue if the finger passes by, and will quickly recover if the temperature drops. The fake cigarette changes when the finger passes by, and the color of the fake cigarette detection point is dim, and there are obvious jagged marks on the edges. The cigarette of this cigarette contains cracked beads. This cigarette is relatively elegant when smoked, the smoke is relatively elegant, the strength is small, the taste is smooth, and the unique burnt and sweet feeling of Huangshan tobacco when smoking, the cracked beads do not What obvious taste is better. The appearance of this cigarette is still very beautiful, the bright yellow cigarette case has an antique feeling. The cigarette contains burst beads, which feels like every day when you smoke it. The smoke is richer and full of aroma Cigarettes Online. It is very resistant to smoking and personally feels very good. The mouth of this cigarette is slightly sweet, the aroma is very strong, the taste is relatively smooth, there is a bold and clear scent when smoked, the smoke is fine and full, giving a soft and calm feeling, the aftertaste is more comfortable, the fragrance is sweet, and it is very good A cigarette smoked.
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