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19.02.2021 03:15
Hair Things when swimming with a wig Antworten

Yet, if you do wear a lace wig, having a good time in the water can be challenging. Would it be advisable to swim with it on? Will it ruin my hair? Consider a scenario where it falls off. These are genuine worries that can change your plans for a day of relaxation in the sun to a day of worrying and feeling unsafe.

Let's face it, no summer will end without a dive in the pool or a visit to the beach.

Does that mean you need to leave your head uncovered?

Except if that is something you feel great doing, the short answer is no! Saying this doesn't imply that there aren't any dangers in taking your hairpiece for a swim, but with appropriate planning and care, it is conceivable to make the most of your favorite water activity without losing your wig style.

Be careful with Chlorine and Salt

Before we get into the pleasant stuff, there are two things you need to consider: chlorine is a harmful compound utilized in a pool to keep the water germ-free and clean. While helpful as a disinfectant, it is an exceptionally cruel substance that can loosen up your wig and cause staining to the hairs on your human hair lace wigs. Essentially, salt can do the same amount of harm. Overexposure to the mineral will leave your hair dull, weak, and inert. Indeed, even with legitimate consideration and treatment, ceaseless openness to these brutal substances will reduce the longevity of your hair. With taking everything into account, if you do choose to wear your wig, then you're prepared for the next part.

Keep Your Wig Set up with the Glue

Run of the mill paste or tape may deal with a standard premise, but not all will support the pressing factor from plunging and hopping. To guarantee that your transparent lace frontal wig is up under any circumstance, try to pick a water-based cement and water-confirmation. We suggest the Move On Cement and Sticky Tape Strips. Don't hesitate to utilize one or both to guarantee the greatest security! Simply recollect, consistently make that the glue dries totally before you go into the water.
If you have questions on the viability of your cement, attempt a dip cap for significant serenity. Contingent upon the kind of water activities you participate in, embellishments like caps, handkerchiefs, headbands, headscarves, or turbans will likewise get the job done. Simply be cautious while eliminating your cap or some other hair item in order not to pull off your wig with it.

Less expensive could be an alternative

This is the time when the best won't be advantageous. As we have referenced before, overexposure to chlorine and salt will harm hair. One approach to battle the harm is by giving your wig the consideration it needs. This includes cleaning and molding your wig altogether to dispose of all the destructive substances and renew the dampness that started affecting your wig. With that in mind, we still do suggest utilizing cheap lace wigs, like headband wig, lace part wig, and U part wigs, they are much cheaper than lace front wig. But still use human hair to keep sheen.


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