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27.02.2023 03:04
Being blue can although the heart looks like text weak Antworten

"The autumn of the leaf, if you occupy and do, we return to?Anyway I can't play ball, either."Being blue can heart the soft voice say.
"Walk, I teach you."The autumn of the leaf touches blue can the cerebellum bag of heart say.
Being blue can although the heart looks like text weak,have sport natural endowments very much.Point out in the leaf autumn under, blue can the ball skill of heart make great progress.Unexpectedly momentary and leaf the autumn beat a draw.Certainly, this also because leaf autumn at secretly waterproof.
Two as people are just and warmly fighting, the attendant kid sister of flank raises to begin machine to run to inside the field.
The autumn of the leaf's walking over to see is Lin Cang Lan's number, be worried that he seeks he to have what matter, hence then pressed to connect to listen to key.
Unexpectedly words tube in spread unexpectedly is Wang Jian Han's voice, he roars with laughter ground to say:"Two elder brothers, where are you now?I know that you have a beauty to keep company with now, but you can not see the color forgetting brothers, either?You see, I drive you pullout Yan city of, you cast away the Yan city to my a person now, oneself runs and seeks joys and has a good time, and you have the heart to do it."
The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"You don't also be seeking joys to have a good time now."
From the words tube in hear there of voice some noisy, the leaf autumn guesses two of them affirmative just what club building of office drink.
"Ha ha, two elder brothers are astute.I and be the eldest brother drinking.Do you want to come over?"
The autumn of the leaf saw one eye flank of blue can saying of heart apology:"I still some matters want to handle to walk not to open, tomorrow accompany you well again."
"Okay, I am to make a phone call to ask.Know you come back a matter many.Your favour.I hanged.BE having a best kid sister the younger sister to put together wine with me, you definitely could not guess is who."Wang Jian Han says with a smile.The board room Su is solemn, a flock of old man who wears to pack a star soldier divides row 2 rows.Although they have been enough of old, the hair has already been dyed white by the years.But their waist poles still keep standing a ground of perfectly straight, shoulder load severely wounded that wear a China national wealth people Anne of country.
After death the fresh flowers vomits a pistil, beautiful desire drop.And these old man the military dress on the body form fresh clear contrast.A just a soft and harmonious grand view.
"……Discover after careful and attentive survey in the military situation bureau, the leaf heavy captain is really framed up.He and NUMBER ONE cutthroat the organization basically has no contact, didn't evened once betrayed the national interest to them ……"what to be speaking is bureau chief Chen Fang of military situation one bureau.
Although his post is in the center some to is insignificant in these old man sons, because he is the bureau chief of military situation bureau.Accept order to investigate this matter again.So, after a weight of military authority will get to deliver words, start being worked a report by him.
"At that of in the activity, leaf heavy captain body first private soldier, successfully completed organization to hand over to his task.Just because the intelligence report inducement that is subjected to teammate finally just bring about tragic incident ……"
Wait until Chen Zhu the speech complete, board room inside quietness.No one talks.The owners are all silent to noiselessly sit.

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