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06.03.2023 04:26
The Teng green mountain connects to start to toast Antworten

"Since is a friend, my Wang Tie Feng also does you the honor, you Chuang in the Teng house, one person pays one big money of mourning, this affair just."Two take charge of a straightforward way.
"Two take charge of indeed as expected straightforward."The Teng green mountain also says with smile.
"Grandfather."The Teng green mountain turns a head to see past.
Hear one person pay one big money of mourning, clan long Teng cloud dragon immediately and the surrounding person scraped up the money, once one person mourn big money, Chuang in the Teng house adds to also need to pay 202 silvers.After all ten mourn big money to just calculate 12 silvers, year money helping than that white horse all wants to ascend low big 1.
Father Teng any always immediately delivers 202 silvers.
"Receive money in year."Two take charge of an order way.
Immediately Ma Ze receives 202 silvers.
"The green mountain brothers when goes to my iron mountain and helps, I, will certainly good meat good wine beautiful woman, invite brothers you, today, not much foolish, the brotherses, walk."Those two take charge of'Wang Tie Feng'ascended on jumping red fire horse, immediately lead the way, take a to roar and shout but go to for Ma Ze, quickly disappear within the scope of view.
On distance road in Chuang in the Teng house, Ma Zes closely one.
"Two take charge of.Did "a youth that rides a green Zong horse connects a way, " pass so that boy?"
"Hum.The "two take charge of one to hum low, drink to scold a way, " somebody else is just many big, so severe, can teach so severe pupil, you say, will his teacher be bad?Many one matter rather little one matter, now is the key time that fights with Ma Bang of white, should not make an enemy of more."
"Two take charge of to say of to."That youth connects to flatter a way.
Two take charge of me but is to lower the head to took a look a chest, the clothes of chest contain a hole and think of previous that act, two take charge of still not from frighten carry on the back to keep emitting sweat behind:"This Teng green mountain, pick me up 18 bomb a mountain hammer, unexpectedly still enough dint's killing me , today, wased a King of Hell in front to walk an encounter.If this Teng green mountain not is to have regard for my eldest brother, also have I iron mountain help of 3,000 brotherses, I today, perhaps and really plant."Previous that act is too quick, the outsider sees not pure, but two take charge of me to know.
The Teng green mountain looks, finally throws to fly and says to candidly admit defeat.
Can actually, Teng green mountain once one broke his clothes, the but again accepted a gun, and the active countermarch threw to fly and set up for to lose.
That a moment, the Teng green mountain completely can kill him.
Now that the other party do one the honor, two take charge of to can't not do the other party the honor, either, just one person only accepts one big money of mourning.And, truely fight ……even if Chuang in Tu Diao Teng's house, he is these horse of 1,000 people, perhaps have no how much can live.Most important of BE, he can not live by himself.

Chapter 35 matchmaker comes
Chuang one in the Teng house is pleased to celebrate, the whole person of Chuang son's re- creating good front door first , and then on that night, is also the person of one clan to put feast to celebrate in doing Wu Chang some kind of.Since these days, iron mountain's helping has already been to money that a lot of Chuang sons accept a year, the clansmens of Chuang in the Teng house are worrying ……
Iron mountain helps an arrival, will bring what terrible result.
Don't know is make people terrified most .
Now then the result in sky but is satisfaction of everybody concerned, used 202 silvers to conclude this affair, the whole clanses don't have one Human body dead, isn't this an exultation matter?
"Ha ha ……green mountain."Teng cloud dragon holds wine cup, " I this heart can have been lifting in the throat eye today, however too like, 202 silvers, all solve.Had no iron mountain to help and white the horse help of threat, I Teng surname one clan can also lead the best day in this proper city."
In this morals of the world, be like Chuang clansmen in the Teng house so, can eat satisfied wear warm, is already a nice day.
"Today, can all depend a green mountain."One side Teng the Xiang always also smile to toast, " green mountain comes, brother-in-law respect you one cup, you but saved my one life!"
The Teng green mountain connects to start to toast.

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