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23.05.2019 04:29
After thousands of Antworten

After thousands of years of doing good and practicing, I can get out of the devil world. In the dense forest that I returned to the world, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to see the growth of a seed for most of my life. In the mother's arms, the seeds slammed the nutrients, and they played happily and carelessly... One day, the mother thought, it was time for her children to go to the outside world. So the tree mother first threw the most naughty baby to the earth. The seed fell heavily on the ground and ran into the blood. For a long time, the child who leaves home seems to be always a mother, and she is no exception. When she was away from her mother Carton Of Cigarettes, she cried and shouted at her mother. She wanted her mother to change her mind and let her stay. But she didn't pay attention to her mother. She began to hate her mother. A gust of wind struck and took her away mercilessly. She was too small and thin, and the wind flew with her and the dust, flew to a distant place, a place she had never heard of. The wind was finally exhausted, and she was unable to throw her in a strange place. In this unfamiliar environment, she is homesick and wants her mother. During that time, she always cried secretly before going to sleep every night; in her sleep, she always called her mother. Since then, she has started a home-seeking journey. She wants to go home and she falls from the mountain to the bottom of the valley. The difference is that this rock accepted her with her own chest, but she was still stunned. After she woke up, she was shocked. Because her face, body, and everywhere are scars. She is a girl! How can she accept this cruel reality? Whenever she sees her own scars, there will always be a heartbreaking pain in her heart Parliament Cigarettes, and this pain has been entangled in her, as if she has never left, day after day, year after year, after time After baptism, she gradually realized that she needed to wait quietly and calmly face everything because her journey was not over. One day, a bird fell on the rock. It saw her. The long-suffering expression scared her pale and her heart beat faster Newport 100S. She silently told herself: Be calm. She held her breath and carefully hid it, but eventually the bird came to marry her, wounded her body and wounded her, and then swallowed her alive. "It��s so dark!" She was scared to scream. stand up. She is too weak to fight and is helpless. But she is very rational, she once again told herself: to calm down and wait quietly. After a thousand turns, she finally saw the sun again. After regaining her freedom, she began to smug and smiled. "Hey, the stomach acid of the bird can't hurt me, but I have left some small holes in my body that are not enough." At this time, she remembered her mother. She would like to say "thank you" to her mother and thank the mother for the iron coat she gave her. Thinking about it, she fell into tears and looked around the land that was both familiar and unfamiliar. She began to agree with her mother's practice and understood her mother's good intentions. At this point, she remembered what her mother had done to herself, but she couldn��t think of it. Suddenly, the rain did not have a warning, and she was drenched into a chicken. "More rain in time!" she exclaimed with a smile. At this moment, she really waited for too long. But when the rain washed away the filth on her body, she took her to the crack in the earth. "It's so deep!" She was scared to call. It is known that she has been buried ruthlessly underground Marlboro Cigarettes. "Who are you?" asked curiously. "One seed, I can't find a way home." She replied with tears. "Home? Isn't the seed where is the rooted sprout?" He said, dragging his long tail and walking alone in the dark space, tears almost solidified her eyes. At this time, she remembered her mother and remembered what her mother had said to her: "Children, bravely pursue your future! Don't be afraid of the harsh environment around you, don't be afraid of physical injury, be brave, and one day you will Become a towering tree, one day you will realize your dreams. Believe me, cheer for the children." Looking at the scars on her body, she finally got the courage, broke the shell and tried to explore upwards. In the process, she suffered a lot, but she never feared or retreated. I don't know how many days and nights I tried to explore. She finally got out of the crack. After seeing the sun again for more than ten years, when I passed there again, I found that she had become a towering tree. The bird is making a nest in the tree, the child is playing games under the tree, the old man is playing chess at the bottom of the tree... Seeing this scene, I know that she has realized her dream.

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