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father because he does not want to wear his sister's flower coat. In leisure time, children must read books and study, and they should not play leisurely, otherwise they are not allowed to eat. You can't make loud noises at home, you can't make loud sounds on TV, otherwise you will have a face to teach you. Father likes to read books, but she is not allowed to read his books. As long as my father was not at home, I quietly flipped through his book box and read books. That was, I read four famous books at that time. Later my father knew and burned his beloved book. When I grew up, I understood my father's good intentions. First, I was worried about affecting our study. I was worried about the unhealthy thoughts in some literary works. I tarnished our young minds. His character is somewhat out of place, and sometimes it feels incompatible with the times. A lot of things he can't understand, can't get used to some non-mainstream in society, he can't even get used to today's hair dyed, miniskirts. A lot of things, he is not a serious person who can't come back. At that time, my father might only realize that talents would be born under the sticks. If we don't obey, he will slap his face and yell at it. It looks very scary. No one can ask for it. (Speaking that his younger brother is a very active child, he often gets tricky and doesn't have a father's board. Remember that once he was from someone else. A few corn cobs were stolen from the ground. The father asked him where he came. He said that he was embarrassed. His father asked him if he refused to admit. At this time, the owner came and said that the child wanted to eat it, and he would not steal it next time. After the loss of the Lord, the father took off his brother's trousers, took the corn cob and smashed the ass, and kept the corn cobs smashed until the uncle's speech was used. He was smashed with a small buttock and a piece of purple. Afterwards, his father also Distressed, I found a herbal soup to scrub, and said to my mother: "The hour steals the needle, the big one steals gold. It is not long-term to not give him a strong point, so as not to grow up and be more mischievous." Brother is not afraid of fear, is afraid of father The father confessed to what we have to do, only to say it again, and will not say the second time. If we ask more than a few times, we will slap it a little, then we will fight it, and if we don��t hear it clearly, it will be a slap in the face, and it will not become a climate. I have to concentrate on my father's temper, work diligently, rarely learn from my father, and often get praise from my father. Father teaches us to do things, only speaks or demonstrates once, and the rest of us explore ourselves Marlboro Red. And feelings, saying that you have mastered it firmly, will not forget, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. And he teaches others to be very patient and never get angry. We all say that he is "double-faced person 8 years old, I went to school. Somehow, I saw a headache when I saw the book, I was not allowed to play on the table, and I was playing with my parents and playing tricks. The first three grades were stable in the last three classes, and the father was paralyzed. In the second grade, the father gave the order. I still don��t read it when I stepped on the ground, and I worked with him. No matter how hard I tried, I didn��t improve my performance, but I played more and more tricks. Several of our classmates saved the money for buying homework and bought firecrackers. Other people��s buckets, chickens and ducks, scary, were slammed to the father. This evening, when we had dinner, my father started his ��fascism��, first asked, then the trial, then searched The physical evidence is here, I can no longer deny it, but the mouth is not convinced, the money is not stolen, it is self-sufficient. My father violently thundered Parliament Cigarettes, scared my brother and sister wow, crying. I slap me to the ground and throw the bag into the fire pit. If it wasn��t for the grandmother to snatch it back in time, I��m afraid it��s going to be ashes. My father said with anger: ��If you use these thoughts in your studies, it��s going to count down, you can do it!�� Since then, I have changed a lot of bad habits. I slowly came up, until I graduated from high school, and I didn��t have the top five. As we grew up, my father no longer used the same kind of snoring. It��s just to tell us the truth, although sometimes it will come. Last time I got a stick, but the number of times was significantly reduced. Now think about it, it is very painful to beat, but at least let us remember that what can be done, what can not be done. Only the most painful, the memory will be the deepest. Family education is the most important education in life, and the most important education in life. Perhaps because of the strict teaching of the father, we are strict with ourselves in life and work, not sloppy, and never inferior to others. The loving father's father has a temperament and is very strict with us. The rules of eating, talking, doing things, hospitality, going out, living, etc. are all strict requirements, but he is more loving, when his father is happy, smiles. Can give you the warmth of the sun, give us the most thorough happiness, we are afraid that he is very respectful, he loves him more in my memory, my father is particularly filial to my grandmother, in those difficult days, the first thing I eat is to give grandmother. The Dabo family has a large population, and the uncle is always outside. Basically, the parents are responsible for the grandmother's living. My grandmother was good at wine. When I was eating the canteen, I was not allowed to make wine. The father managed to get some glutinous rice and stuffed liqueur. I don��t know who was being rumored and it was a good fight. Winter grandmother wants to roast fire, my father took me to more than ten miles to dig wood pockets (in the 1970s, I engaged in agriculture, all kinds of crops, almost no place to cut firewood), ice and snow, hands and feet splitting. My father��s love for my grandmother (filial piety) affects us invisibly. He often said that ��filial piety�� is a happiness that cannot be reproduced. His father likes to use a beard to tie our face. How happy he is, he forgets the tiredness of the day. . Often give us some small toys Marlboro Lights, let other children cast an envious look. He ate less (in fact, his father had a large amount of food, and he gambled with 10 pounds of sweet potatoes and won). I was afraid that we were hungry. He wore less and feared that we were frozen. At that time, every year in the team Cigarettes Online, the final decision was made in the winter. He would take the one that was given to him and give it to us and my grandmother, saying that I was already full. We will add a new dress to us every year. This love, only when I became a father, I realized that when I was in junior high school, I left school more than ten miles. I had to catch up early. In order to let me sleep for a while, my father would wake me up before the dawn, and I would wake up three times. Stirring an egg can be said to be a luxury life at that time. After I was in high school, I was boarding at the school. He would send the rice to the school and yell at me: "Come in school, don't make trouble." I will also give me some pocket money. He will properly accept my notices and various awards every semester, but unfortunately lost in 1983 when the old house was rebuilt, my father said it was a pity. In August 1986, I was mistaken as a teacher. My father bought me a Shanghai brand watch and a radio. It cost 106 yuan. At that time, my salary was only 46 yuan per month. At this time, somehow, my eyes were wet in the ups and downs of my nearly fifty years, and I felt the love of my father and selflessness. My father is not tall, and there is not much culture. For the sake of my livelihood, for us to grow up, for us not to feel humiliated in front of others Newport Cigarettes Coupons, my father has worked hard for the early days, he does not want us to be looked down upon by others, he does not want him to be materially economic On the dwarf, he did his best to give us the best. This is the father, never good at expressing love, but always loving us in such a silent way. Father is a book, a painting, a song, and it is worthwhile for us to read it well and read it. For us, the father is relying on, is practical, and is a bearer. My father has paid too much for our family, and the ruthless years have made the rejuvenated father gradually aging. "How many times the vicissitudes of the moon, the cold frost and the sorrowful eyes. How much sweet and sweet things in life, the back is like a bow in the rain" ( "father"). We only have one wish: blessing fathers to be safe, healthy, healthy and healthy is our greatest happiness!

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