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25.07.2019 10:24
What is a full lace wig Antworten

Wig is now very popular among black people in Europe and America. There is a huge market, now the market provides a variety of wigs, real human hair, chemical hair, full lace wig, as well as lace front wiglace front wig. Those who decide to buy a wig sometimes feel confused: do they not know the difference between a full-lace wig and a front-lace wig? Which one is better? We will discuss this topic in this article.

Full lace wig or front lace wig is a special kind of wig, made of transparent lace bottom. The front lace wiglace wig is hand-woven with human hair at the bottom of transparent lace. The bottom of the whole lace wig is lace, while the front lace wig has transparent lace only where the hairline is obvious. The rest are made of non-fragile materials, similar to lace. No lace can withstand tearing. Lace wigs are the most expensive. The cap should stick to the human scalp and last moderately for a long time. For example, wearers can bathe, swim and wear wigs to participate in intense sports.

There are four general colors: transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown to suit the skin color of different customers.

The full lace wigs can be separated anywhere, pulled into tall ponytails and other top hairstyles, lasting longer than the previous lace wig.

Lace-front wigs are ideal and very popular because they appear as if you have a natural hairline in front, even if you wear a front-lace wig.

Wig is also divided into manual weaving and machine weaving. Hand knitting head cover is a product made by hooking one or several hair pieces together with pure manual technique. Its advantages are high fidelity, good air permeability and comfortable wearing, but the price is relatively high. Machine knitted hairsets are manufactured by machine production line, and the hair is sewn together by the blowing force of the blower.The price will be cheaper.

After learning so much, which kind of lace Wig do you like better? Believe you have an answer in mind.

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