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29.07.2019 04:31
Ideal, two words on the Antworten

Ideal, two words on the high end of the atmosphere. When it comes to ideals, everyone will say: "The ideal is full Newport 100S, and the reality is very skinny Online Cigarettes." Ideally, it is always bred from reality. Because of dissatisfaction, I have a dream; because I don��t have it, I need it; because I am weak, I want to be strong. Because the ideal itself is different from reality Cheap Cigarettes, what is too lacking in reality. We are always talking about ideals, but we will never be able to embrace our ideals. What is ideal, ideal is your own kind of value, a job you want to have, a place you want to go, or a value that you want to embody. This is not to say that the government, the party leader, or the ideals imposed on us by parents and adults, but our own ideals based on the environment, on the basis of reality, on our values ??and our pursuit. I am very much in favor of Mr. Feng Lun��s words: "National events, meat eaters seek; people rise and fall, the world is responsible. Who leads me, who is responsible for me. When life is the poorest, it is not that you have no money, no house, no car, no income; It means that you have no value orientation in life, no direction in life, that is, no ideal. Liushahe said well: people are great because of ideals, people with ideals are a 'capital' person. When you have The direction is gone, you will find that some difficulties are not difficult. Where to go? Why go? This is the biggest problem in the ideal. How to go? What time to go? How to get there? This is the problem that we have to solve every day on our way. There is an ideal, but it does not mean that you can trade with reality. We have ideals every day. This is not to say that you have ideals. Your father is Li Gang or Li Shuangjiang. Ideal is the GPS in life, a navigation in life and development. It's a time when you don't know, you know where to go, it is responsible for telling you where to go, but how to go is your business. Ideal only tells you that this is not worthwhile, it should be But in the end Marlboro Gold, how to calculate the money, you have to think about it yourself. It is like you want a wife, it is only responsible for telling you, you have to do "If You Are the One," but you still have to do it yourself. Ideally Like climbing a mountain, a large group of people are blowing underneath the mountain, but they want to climb up. But if you look closely, the climber has not climbed to one-third, and the people are still half; when you actually climb to the top, you will find There are only a few people around you, and there will be a few people in the middle of the mountain who are talking about the cool words: What are you doing up? You have to climb down and get tired, and some people say that there is a leisure time to climb up. It��s not as good as watching a movie, traveling, talking about a love! Everyone is looking for a reason for themselves. At this time, I climbed up to the top of the mountain and said to everyone: I saw a lot of beautiful scenery Newport Cigarettes, very popular. The feeling of small mountains. But everyone does not agree. So it is one thing to say that ideals are all the same. It is one thing to stick to it. But there are only a few people who insist on the end, so there are few successful people in this world. complain There are many people who are unfair, this is the gap between people. Most people are ruined by reality when they pursue their ideals, just as we talked about love when we were 18 and lived when we were thirty-eight. Love, there is a saying: love is like a ghost, there are many people who believe, fewer people are seen, and ideals are the same. Ideal is a sense of direction, just like a lonely lamp in the night, you will feel at ease when you see it. Always go to it; once the light is off, you will panic and will be lost. This is the meaning that ideals give us in life. Those who have ideals are only able to stick to it better than those who do not have ideals. The days are even richer. We are all bragging people under the mountain. After a few decades, we will go to one-third of the distance, or halfway up the mountain, or the top of the mountain. You will see what scenery I don��t see. Clear, but it is definitely a landscape that can never be seen under the mountain. I dare not say how good you will be, but at least you are superior to the people under the mountain. You conquered the mountain and conquered those who could not come. Right difficulty .
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