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13.08.2019 03:55
After work, I saw that Antworten

After work, I saw that it was raining outside, and I was preparing to go home with the rain. The scene has never been forgotten. This is a story of a memoir. There is bitterness and sweetness. I remember the dream of sweetness in my heart. The joys and sorrows meet, in this stormy summer, the people who have helped each other in the same boat have experienced these fascinating moments. The coolness of the heart through the heart is not, but a heavy rain is coming, reminding me of a beautiful era. In the rain, the rain is coming, love is not far away, the fog is in the distance, like in the dream, there is a dream in the rainy season, and I don��t know how long this love can last? It may be a lifetime. The coolness of the outside has passed through my heart. In order to collect my love and look at the rain and fog in the distance, my figure seems to be wandering. What kind of color will the emotion be? ? What kind of concept would it be? Whenever the rain and fog filled, my heart began to drift with the tide, and I began to yearn for that moment. The night was dark and the rain was still falling. I rode on the road and took a brand new one Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Umbrella, as for how this came, it is also a follow-up. I walked past the road that made me feel familiar with the umbrella. At this moment, I am very slow to ride, in order to fear the accident, but also to enjoy the faint period of the rain. . Therefore, my umbrella is on this road. It seems that some of the feelings that cannot be suppressed are started in the rain. The umbrella is laid, and the raindrops fall on the umbrella. The voice, so I went all the way south, and finally returned home safely. Before I went home, I bought a box of cigarettes. As for this kind of wind and cloud, it is a deep romance. The raindrops did not go away with the coming of the night. On the contrary, the rain in the night was a lot bigger. Every time the rain and fog spread, my mood improved again. I ate melon to taste. The joy of the raindrops, just like this, a melon can be eaten smoothly in the belly. At that moment, when the lights are dim, I am savouring the raindrops from love, but love has not come to me Marlboro Cigarettes, but also me. The mind was fixed on her body. It seems to be a chic umbrella. When the rain fell again, the lights of Wanjia began to shine on the earth, and love was scattered like raindrops. I read the story of today, and then love came to my side, but I don��t know why. In her heart. When there is love, the whole space is reversed. Ok, love is an umbrella that is not superfluous. In order to put them in my heart, I learned to put the umbrella in my heart. The story of this umbrella comes from a question, but also an accident. I borrowed it in the elevator. The colleague said half-jokingly, hey, if you have two umbrellas, you can borrow one of them. The female colleague has no buzz, one. I gave the umbrella to me when I waved Online Cigarettes. I didn��t even think about the time. I took the umbrella and obeyed and said thank you. This is a borrowed love story and a rumor of an umbrella. The story is very long. Like today's rain, like the rain and fog in today, I honestly went home with an umbrella, returned home, hurriedly finished eating, and even did not even call for a greeting. This tells the story of love, and there are extra signs before, and now I have the true feelings of the raindrops. Time spent in a minute and a second, the story is also increasing bit by bit, the kind female colleague lends me an umbrella, and this is the case, I will extend the heart of love. It is not difficult to see that this is a story of borrowing an umbrella. It is an umbrella borrowed from a colleague. It is also a borrowed love and a love. Therefore, I spent the rain after the umbrella in this dream. If there is no umbrella of love, I will not wave my hand to the hand of recycling love, and the umbrella of love will return. I will take care of my story and plan to share it with everyone. It is for "Break the Umbrella".
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