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13.08.2019 03:55
When holding a bunch Antworten

When holding a bunch of lilies, Yi was still smashing, so he inserted the vase and waited for the gentleness of Yi. After waiting for a long time, when I finally opened, I was moved. I thought that it was a lot of waiting. Flowers are natural, and people are looking forward to it. When I carefully played Yi, I stopped. There is a green worm in the heart of the flower, and it is fleshy. The appetite fell. Feeling a trace of sorrow. For me, lily is the purest. Funnel-shaped flowers, or red, or yellow, or white, bring a soft, a bleak in every summer. However, I can't say anything. The flower was sent by a friend, and I took it with joy, because I couldn��t forget the goodwill of my friend Cigarettes For Sale. Sending flowers to my mood must only hope to bring me happiness and never want to have bugs inside. A lot of things are like this. I wanted to do a good job in the end, but it��s a breeze. Knowing that flowers are very short, just like life. The same is true of lilies. Although lilies mean good fortune, they know that everything has a dark side. I didn't throw away the bunch of flowers, I waited for the little bug to die slowly. Although the flowers have withered. After all, the flowers that my friend sent me are still dying. This makes me sad. In the summer of this year, I suddenly had Yaxing Newport Cigarettes Coupons, thinking of raising flowers and repairing nature. In me, raising flowers is a luxury, I don't have that much time. But this summer I am very busy but still lazy, the flowers must have died. I have no memory to forget the watering and pruning. My mother said that I was like this from a urinary, and things that were not of interest were lazy and forgotten. Ok, I am happy, I am interested in flowers. But my flowers are so thankful, I have nothing to say. The mother said that this is called the nature is difficult to move, the things cultivated the day after tomorrow can not withstand the roots in the bones. where. I am just slowly changing myself, learning to appreciate all the beautiful things, learning to accept, but I can't cultivate beauty. Beauty always needs careful care, love and care. Beauty takes time and effort. However, I still love everything beautiful. The flowers died in the summer, and the flowers of autumn, the words of winter. My summer flowers are thirsty. My autumn flowers and winter flowers will not be like this. Never swell. I am sad for my flowers, and I am unlucky to follow me. I buried the summer flowers, stayed in the soil, and counted my secrets. It is May, it seems that all the flowers have shown off their brilliance in April, and the flowers in May are very common and normal. When I saw the little white flowers in many bright colors, someone told me that it was lilac, which represents the first love of life, the small lilac that would never be noticed and opened in May Marlboro Cigarettes. This little flower actually means the purest emotion in life? Gently walked into it, I also smelled a faint fragrance, inadvertently passed into my heart, hiding in it, there was a feeling of lingering, can not tell. Only look at it quietly. It was just raining that day. There are two clear lines of footprints under the flower. Maybe someone has come to appreciate it. But it is by no means to appreciate the beauty, just to watch the lonely arrogance that is hidden in the corner. This is also the quiet of the first love? Maybe it was the wind in the rain, the little flowers drifted over the ground, would you like to pick them up with a sachet? Later, I thought about it, and returning to the earth is their best destination. This lovely little flower, which is inadvertently brought to people's faint and warm flowers, has picked up a lot of pieces and put them in the book. When you're done, put it in an envelope and want to send it to your best friend. "Maybe someone has never sent flowers, the life of flowers is always very short. But some flowers are different. Although there is no life, the aroma is very long. Although it is late, it can be kept for a lifetime. You said "I wrote this and later packed up and found that the letter actually did not appear in a lot of letters, lingered for a long time, tearing open the seal, there is a very light and faint squatting full of cottages. Sighing and sealing again, and leaving this Fang Fei in my heart.

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