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26.08.2019 09:49
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The village was covered with water, and a green leaf slipped into the palm of the spring. Then, the wild lily was warm and blooming. This is the meeting, the beautiful meets the beautiful front of the August, the sweet fragrance does not fall. Your green skirt is long from my fingertips, the sun is floating, the bamboo is swaying, the flower dance is delicate, and we meet like this. At that time, you just faded away from the green. At that time, I was just dyed with stubbornness. Just like the water met with calcium carbonate, it will release a lot of heat. I met you and made myself. The cardamom years, the shallow years, I suddenly found an oasis like a camel in the desert, so eager for the unknown, and you, more like a tough guide in the desert, save me in the mirage of the mirage. At that time, I didn��t know Li Juan��s phrase ��Lonely is the beauty that one wants to enjoy alone.�� In an environment full of temptations, I finally couldn��t hold my inner snow Cigarettes Online, and I began to follow the crowd. The worst looks of youth, your understanding and encouragement, make me full, become wheat ears and grapes, just like reeds filled with wind. Among the constellations, you don't recognize me by the size of the light. You only know the loneliness and confusion of a child. You are setting aside the vast waves, lakeshores and islands for me to lose. I read the poems of the long grass and the drizzle in the clean yard. I probably met, and it was a long time to reunite. It was my life that I pleaded for thousands of times before the Buddha, and I was able to meet you in this life. I have left your footprints in your youth, and my young age has you, dear teacher, I hope that you will be quiet in the dust of the years, and will be treated with gentleness in the house for the October daisy. Your handsome face is so clearly reflected in my eyes: the breeze is slight, the old tree is tall and straight, the weeping willows are light and light, and it is not moving in the wind and rain again and again, repeatedly bursting in silence, and the momentum is enough to alarm the soul. . So we met like this. There are so many cute souls in my stomach that are too white, too close to the spring, so you use your solid arms to cover the wind and rain for these flowers and bones that are waiting to be released. Just to guard them or just to install the next love poem, or to pretend the dream of three thousand miles of breeze. The eagle has a round of sunrise, you are in the mirror, you still have a fish swimming in the corner of your eyes. Are you tired? Then let the sound of the book in the house illuminate the poems that you hang in the treetops. Your watch has no name. After three years, when the geese returned, the words that came from the cloud were cut into bloom at your heart. The painting on the top is a chapter of the poem you read, embroidered with a moonlight. You make me as lovely as my own, the moon grows in the palm of my hand Marlboro Lights, the breeze grows in the eyebrows Cheap Cigarettes, the peach garden grows on the lips, and the path grows in the bottom of my heart. In the cold window, the ten-year-old complaints are not enough for the students. The fluorescing scented star does not go to my vision. You are the teenager of the fresh clothes and angry horses for three years. Thank you for your help in this thorny dream-seeking road. Maybe you meet, it is a "preaching, teaching and confusing", you use your full-fledged economy, for the students to raise the sails leading to success, to light the lights of the lost lights. Dear alumni, I hope that you will thrive in the prosperous world, always full of vitality, continue the brilliant and lonely water surface, full of expectation and bird song, peach flower is still small, green apricot just knot, spring is cool, white and beautiful. This is the encounter, like the condensation of water vapor, which has a long flowering period of four months. When it is beautiful, it will become a lifetime.
We met and the future can be expected.
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