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What is beauty? The ancients said that "the sheep is beautiful." Different people have different concepts about beauty. Some people say that people who are full of youth are the most beautiful Cigarettes Online. Some people say that they are concentrating on one thing. The ones who are consistent are the most beautiful, and others are the most beautiful people. No matter who it is, beauty is not said. And I think that people who are "beautiful in the heart and in the line" are the most beautiful. People who are full of youth and turn the vitality of youth into action are the most beautiful. Some people say that "youth is used to struggle." The philosopher once said that "the youth that has not struggled is the most bleak." We have the best years of youth, and we need to struggle to write our own poetry, The least fear of the sun, the most able to withstand failure, the more frustration and more courage, the passion is the color of youth, the brilliance of youth. Working hard for the dream university is the most important thing for us now. In the remaining two hundred days, struggle is the routine of the day. We must cherish the time, every second counts, believe that after a thousand hammers, the fire burns, 2019 In June, our youth will be more radiant. "There is no regrets when you are widening your clothes. It is awesome for it." Consistently, for the rest of his life, only for it can be gorgeous. Some time ago, the documentary "I am in the Forbidden City to repair cultural relics" was launched, which triggered a craze. Countless people are touched by the work of cultural relics, and the reverence of the heart is born. They wear plain clothes every day, don't wear makeup, and can't apply nail polish. The use of a brush to remove the dust on the artifacts conceived the original state of the artifact Parliament Cigarettes. Careful repair, countless re-tests only to present the original beauty of the artifacts. As everyone knows, in the process of perfecting the beauty, they also show the spirit of the craftsman, show the craftsman's fine craftsmanship, pursue the ultimate cold sitting on the cold bench, and use the inner enthusiasm to warm the unattended coldness. Sometimes you will see the view of "Yingri Lotus is different". Ms. Tu Yu, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, sat on the bench, and for decades, she finally ushered in the most beautiful scenery of the "Holiday Lotus". People can not have strong abilities, but they can't just be in the corner to have fun. Let your beauty sublimate in action, take advantage of righteousness, and be the most beautiful person to be upright. Yang Kezhen, an ordinary firefighter, promised a mother that she would protect her children safely and eventually fulfilled her promise with her life. In the life and death line, he did not let go of his hands and used his body to protect the little girl. He interprets that responsibility with his actions and carries the burden of that promise. The responsibility shouldered by him and the commitment to a mother deserves his life to practice. The most beautiful person uses action to interpret his beauty from the heart, from the action, the most beautiful. In life, we have been deliberately pursuing the perfection of appearance, but neglecting the true meaning of beauty. The true meaning of beauty is to show action and interpret it with action. Beauty? Beauty? Should be from the heart, in action
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