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ed to the heart. The wo Antworten

Lin Qingying, the daughter of Danxia Literature Society, Yueqing Middle School, Zhejiang Province, I am Liu Jin Ba Liu, Liu Jin Ba, I also think this is a weird can no longer blame. This is my name. I think as a 21st century female middle school student in this advanced era. It��s really shameful to take such a name as a singer--in fact, when I noticed that all the teachers first thought of my name, they laughed and laughed, and the students laughed and asked, "Liu Jinba, you... I am also ashamed of this name when the words of your parents are really too level. Mom said, because I was born with six pounds - the most normal and ordinary weight. And my cousin is eight pounds. My cousin is nine pounds. Only the one born at the latest is six pounds. In order to commemorate the big family in our family, the only girl who was born in our generation was the normal one. I took such a name that is similar to the "six pounds eight". Liujin eight. The most normal weight, my name is Liujin. Because I was born with six pounds, the most normal weight, but next year we will take the exam. Mom and Dad��s brows are the same as those of the twine, and the results are in the middle. While busy looking for essays Cigarettes Online, math, science, English remedial classes. Full schedule on Saturday and Sunday. I know that many of my classmates are not free during the holidays. The front desk often complains to me that her parents always give her a lot of cram school classes. I smiled and said nothing. But I also really envy my cousin cousin, they can also go to the key high school without tutoring - they will only let me look up. I sighed softly, looked up at the alarm clock, and the hour hand stopped exactly at the "ten" Wholesale Cigarettes. Slippers, go to bed, turn off the lights, and then go to sleep, the mother will call. There was a bitter smile, raising your eyes and covering your eyes - medium grades, cram school, six pounds of slippery slippers, preparing dishes, serving meals, I looked up at the clock on the wall, five thirty, a few more Minutes of mothers will be home. "Hey!" I was familiar with the unlocking sound. I smiled and took my mother's briefcase and put it on the sofa. I like this feeling. When my mother is tired, I can do something. Let her rest well, watching her stretch my eyebrows is my happiest moment. I really want this, just like this. I opened the chair and asked my mother to sit in the room. When I was about to take a seat, my mother suddenly said, "Tian Ba, the teacher said that your grades are medium again." I sat down and bowed silently. "It is obviously the same tutor. Why do you have the top five in the front desk? You can only go in the middle!" Mother gently lifted the amount and suddenly slammed the table with the chopsticks in his hand: "You Didn't seriously study!" "Mom," you look at your cousin cousin, every time you can get to the top ten of the school! The whole school! Do you know how embarrassing it is for mom to call the aunt every time they hear this news! Liujin eight, Liujin eight, what is the mother��s hard earning money, you can��t make a little bit of money! "Mom..." My heart suddenly felt uncomfortable Newport Cigarettes, tears did not sigh in the eyelids, sobbing. Mom, you don't know, my classmate's mother praised me very sensible, said that I would help my mother do that. You must be very happy with a lot of working mothers, too, very, think, learn, good...but...why am I Liujinba? Six pounds? This is the normal weight of the New Year, which is the festival I hate the most. Very annoying, I hate my mother talking to my aunt at the banquet. I lied that I had already left the table when I was full. I knew what they would talk about next time. In the room, I was dark, I locked the door. On the ground, "Our family, this time, this exam." Last time there was the first one, this time I fell to the fifth! Is it not worrying to learn seriously? "The voice of the cousin's mother is clearly passed. I hate how the sound insulation effect of this door panel is so bad!" Jin Ba is a worry, and the next test is still the same! "Mom's voice is still medium?" "Cousin's mother. "Where! The tutoring class has been so much, still! Last time I said something to her, she wants to be a babysitter! It��s really a nanny! I��m feeding a lot, I��m going to serve the waiter every day. I��m just squinting! You said that she��s so disappointing!�� I can already imagine that my mother��s hate is not enough. Steel expression. Mom said, you said that she is so disappointing! One word is like a needle, and it is densely tied to the heart. The wound was very small, but there was a tearful spring. I tried to restrain the trembling body. I rushed my tears back. I want to say that I have worked hard. I am a medium level. I am Liujinba because I was born. Six pounds eight. This is a normal weight, but also a normal weight. I don't have a cousin's eight pounds and I don't have a cousin's nine pounds. I am six pounds, I am willing to do Liujin eight to do another ordinary nanny to do what I wa
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