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09.09.2019 09:34
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I am also a senior. Before the third year of high school, I gave all the good legends to the third year of high school. I don't trust me. I don't trust half a day to play football. Students who go to class for half a day and go to sleep in the evening will go to Peking University. I don't trust the students who usually pay the white papers Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The college entrance examination suddenly shines. Now, I have scored a perfect score; I don��t trust the left-handed guitar Cheap Cigarettes, the right-handed girl, can test the students who are dedicated to it; I don��t trust the wall to go online, and learn the most inspiring lessons; I don��t trust the students who ask questions from the parents, the most psychological Health; I don't trust today to be a point by a famous teacher, and I will escape to heaven tomorrow; I don't trust the college entrance examination to provide space for cheating; I don't trust the college entrance examination to give extra opportunities. I don't trust the brain white gold after the third year of high school. Opened the "high school mobilization meeting." In my opinion, I want to add a word "ship" in the front - "athlete." After I went to Tsinghua University, I met a classmate. He was an athlete before the third year of high school. After the third year of high school, the results ranked in more than 30. When I graduated from the third year of high school, the results of the college entrance examination were the first in the class. Asked about its mystery, he said: "When I was an athlete, the coach said that only the blood and sweat of your flow will not deceive you. I have not given any illusions about the third year of high school, and even what I will give to the university, I have not expected much. The third year is an arena, you are an athlete. All excuses, all the pain, all the tears, all the weakness are not applauded. Don't say what process is the most important, only the university "Admission Notice" is king if you have no retreat You can't retreat to a foreign university, a parent's booth, or a repeat school... Then, when you come to this starting line, you will dispel your fantasies as soon as possible. Without miracles, all the miracles happen step by step, but the last step is to cause the world. Concerned about the hard work of the problem, I finally got a response in the college entrance examination. The teacher of the third year has said a lot of good words, but I only believe in three sentences, ranking is more important than the score. Second, the weak section. Third, students who do not like to do the problem After the students were not in high school, the school organized the first test, and I got a super good score. The mathematics was as high as 142 points. The total score of the department is more than 620. The teacher said that this is an examination for us to "enhance self-confidence." I don't care about self-confidence, don't care about scores, only care about rankings. I rank fourth in class, in the whole school liberal arts students. Ranked 21st. This is the first starting point for my third year. When I was in high school, because of the incomprehensibility of the arts, I was dragged down by the poor science of the total score, so that the ranking is outside the school a thousand. The score will only make me confused, the ranking will give me confidence, let me calm, let me know how to go next. The ranking is considered to be anti-educational law, and now it is being attacked humanely. But I am "athlete" Thinking, think that the ranking of the results is justified. The air encouragement is useless, the data is the last word. So, you know how many people are behind you, you know your target position. When I stepped Marlboro Red, I thought about taking the world long-distance running test a few times. I gradually learned my performance range, between 570 and 590. My position never fell to the seventh place in the class. But it is not easy to surpass the people in front. The only way is to be a weak subject in my weak department. It is also a weak subject of most liberal arts students, that is, mathematics and geography. I have accumulated
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