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26.10.2019 04:27
the children happy, but al Antworten

When you tell a person sadness, you lose a sorrow; when you tell a person happiness, you will get two happiness. This is just like the story I have heard: An American peasant won a grand prize in the pumpkin variety competition. After returning, he gave all the winning seeds to the villagers. Thus, the villagers improved the pumpkin variety, and he was not afraid of the poor proximity. The variety passed to myself. His move is a two-pointed wisdom. The reason is that he knows how to share Newport Cigarettes, and he is happy and happy. People who have to share with others are noble people. Only those who share happiness with others can win friendships and friends. This can make others feel happy, but also let them feel happy while helping others. This behavior seems simple Carton Of Cigarettes, but there are very few people who can actually do it. In reality, many people do not hesitate to hurt others in order to take care of their own interests; there are also some selfish people who refuse to help others not to share happiness with others and not to end. These examples deeply warn us that only sharing and sharing will make a happy and harmonious life. There is such a story: There is a rich man who built a big house Cheap Cigarettes. In order to prevent the children in the town from coming to his estate, he built a high wall. It is this wall that separates the rich and the children. Later, he woke up, knocked down the wall and played with the children, and the town was particularly harmonious. He pushed open the wall of the heart, not only to make the children happy, but also very happy, no longer suspicion of others giving people a handful of roses. Yes, sharing is a bridge that connects us to others; it is a ship to the Happy Kingdom. It makes us sincere to each other and feels the beauty of life. So let us be sincere to each other and feel the beauty of life. So let us join hands with people around us, learn to share, help each other, and create a harmonious and harmonious environment.

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