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26.10.2019 04:27
h the wind and rain. Lif Antworten

Growing up like a cup of bitter coffee. Recalling the bitterness left in my mouth, looking back at the happiness that childhood brought us. I am a child who grew up in the countryside. Every day, when talking to the rustic people, the bicycle with the big wheels laughs loudly on the road. Occasionally, when adults go to the vegetable garden to remove weeding, watering, and seeing wildflowers open, they will take it off and put it on their heads to show off everywhere Online Cigarettes. The hand holds a large straw hat to protect the little face under the scorching sun. The little ankles stepped on the dirt and made a bang, which is the paradise for our rural children. Childhood life is so sweet and happy, but since I went to school, I began to have troubles. Every day, I went back and forth with a big bag. I went to my home and had a lot of homework, various exercises, big and small cram schools Cigarettes For Sale, bad grades Marlboro Gold, and loved the teacher's criticism. The parents' jealousy and incomprehension, which made me feel the bitterness and troubles of looking at the textbooks and papers in front of me, staring at the naked score, I couldn��t help but feel sad, but I know how to see the rainbow without going through the wind and rain. Life is always ups and downs, and there will always be difficulties and setbacks after layer after layer. I can't be overwhelmed by them. I will use my own hard work to get my own blue sky. Such as caterpillars, eventually through their own efforts, into a butterfly flying to the blue sky, and finally tasted the sweet sweat grows like this, people are unpredictable, but as long as you carefully understand, you can feel the implications fun of!
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