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07.11.2019 03:10
The flowers bloomed in Antworten

The flowers bloomed in full, thanks to the bragging of the spring breeze; the birds sang in the branches Wholesale Cigarettes, thanks to the shade of the trees; the springs flowed happily in the valley, because they were grateful for the tolerance of the valley. Dear friend, outside the window, the spring rain is falling, because I want to thank you for your affection for me. Dear friend, thank you, thank you for letting me know you. I remember the moment I just entered the junior high school gate, the strange campus, the strange classmates, the strange teacher, everything is strange, raw and timid, I took my mother��s hand and did not let go. At this time, you came, a short hair, like a breeze, came to me. You ask me: "Are you a XX class?" I nodded to you. You can't help but pull my hand: "Go, let's find the classroom!" I actually let go of my mother's hand, followed you upstairs and downstairs, found the classroom, found the teacher, and found the journal to the schedule! Maybe since then, I have had a huge dependence on you. I have become your shadow. I know you, I am becoming more and more cheerful and more and more brave. Thank you for letting me know you, my friend, when I raise my hand to answer questions, I must have your encouragement around you! Dear friend, thank you, thank you for your selfless help. I remember that it was a teacher's homework. My homework could not be found. I was so anxious that I opened my tears. You came over and shouted at me: "What is the use of crying?" Your eyes slammed, and my homework was handed over quietly. It was taken away by the classmates. You can't help but say that the classmate who copied my homework quarreled until the classmate apologized to me and you gave up. Do you know how grateful you are in my heart? Thank you friend Cigarettes Online, you taught me to understand that tears do not help, strong to stand! Dear friend, thank you, thank you for teaching me independence. The most memorable thing in the first three years of class, we were actually detached! I was randomly selected and assigned to a new class, and you stayed in the original class. I can't accept it, I can't accept it at all. I can't leave my class. I can't live without my familiar and kind teacher. I can't live without you. I can't imagine what it would be like to leave your life! Tears are falling, but the reality cannot be changed. You took my hand and gave me a card. In the middle of the card, there are two little girls holding hands, with a few lines on the side: "The sea confidant, the end of the world is close! We are only a short separation, we will be together in the future. Let us meet, the high school of dreams Be a classmate again! Certainly! Certainly!" I wiped my tears Cheap Cigarettes, nodded, and held your hand tightly! My heart is silently determined, I must work hard, for tomorrow's gathering, from then on, after class, we encourage each other; on the way to school, we talk side by side; eyes meet, convey each other's concerns; when the words communicate, cheers Laughter. Friends, because of you, I have learned to know more friends; because of you, I learned to dry my tears, laughing is not going well; because with you, I understand, today��s struggle is for Thank you for your victory tomorrow! The spring rain outside the window, it is my grateful words, one sentence, written in a continuous line of poetry, thrown in front of your window, scorned in your ear.
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