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07.11.2019 03:10
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Anyone who has seen Peter Pan knows that Peter Pan is a child who refuses to grow up and who will never grow up. He lived a strange and thrilling life in Neverland. But in real life, there will be no such children, and everyone will grow up. From the fall of the earth to the language of the teeth, from entering the school to entering the society, human growth has always been inevitable. Parents hope that when we grow up, we can do good work and live a happy life. The teacher hopes that when we grow up Newport 100S, we can become the pillars of the motherland and serve the motherland. When we were young, we must have imagined that we would realize our ideals when we grow up. Go on the life you want. However, we slowly grew into a youthful age, but we have more sorrow at this most beautiful age. We even started to think that it would be better not to grow up. From the beginning of junior high school, I found that the students around me began to undergo various changes, not the physical height, the fat, but the maturity of the mind. Some people think that it is not a normal phenomenon to grow up and mature, but what I see is a different picture. When I was in elementary school, everyone was different from family to family, but we can still play together. Now I feel that everyone is very alienated. If there is a contradiction, it will not be reconciled in a few days as a child Marlboro Cigarettes. On the contrary, now that everyone has grown up, they have their own careful machines, and some people will even do things that harm others for the sake of certain interests. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Through the QQ space and other channels to insult, I am seeing more and more people. When I was young, everyone would imagine that they could get into a good university, but how many people still insist on the ideal? When I was a child, my classmates who had a good grade were now in the middle and lower reaches, but they were still in a hurry. I used to know a few diligent female students. I saw them almost in the past two years, but I almost couldn��t recognize them. The simple and naive appearance has long ceased to exist. Instead, it tends to be worn by adult women. I have even used lipstick, loose powder and other cosmetics, which surprised me. Looking around, if I don't have the constraints of school uniforms, I doubt whether this is a junior high school campus. There was a second-year school girl who asked me if you had a handsome guy in the third day. I was shocked at the time. Are they eager to find the so-called "love"? I recalled it carefully. There are so many "little couples" on campus. Most of them didn't put their minds on learning, and went out to play after a holiday. Internet cafes, KTV are not in the air. Sometimes I really think that if we don't grow up, it will always be as good as a child! Time can't treat anyone Newport Cigarettes. Growing up is inevitable!
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