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18.11.2019 04:41
Where is the ancient Antworten

Where is the ancient loneliness? A quiet place is thick. More than three hundred years ago Newport Cigarettes Coupons, a sly man wrote deep loneliness, sorrow and sorrow on the sickbed, and it has become a legend of countless descendants through thousands of clouds. This person is called Nalan Rongruo, the singer in the turbid world, the poet of the Eight Banners nobles, "a piece of quiet and strong place" used the "second scent of cold and thick". It can be quite different in meaning. The latter is the character of the plum, and the former? At that time, Rong Ruo was only 19 years old, but he was only under the teacher's door. He was taller than the 18-year-old. In the spring of that year, the results were very gratifying. The next step was to meet the end of the imperial examination. For the readers, this is the beginning of the career, and is a precursor to the blue clouds. Moreover, if you learn from the talents, you will have to. However, the sky is not a wish. Just before the exam, if you have a cold illness, you can't help but stay on the sickbed. "Peach blossoms are ruthlessly dead" "Flying into the window with the shackles", unlimited troubles and annoyances accompany him, so the meaning of this sentence "a quiet place is thick and thick" is self-evident. It is the feeling of loneliness and boring after writing my own palace test--especially when the high school of friends is happy, there is only one person, accompanied by the peach blossoms. After a few years of hard work, I hope that I will be able to make progress and miss it. People at different stages will like different poems. Because we love poetry, it is not the love of poetry itself, but the pity that we see ourselves. Changes in people's feelings and changes in circumstances have changed us. So I love this poem, I really pity me from the poem. My loneliness is "shy, ruthless death" is "sentimental cold and strong", and I and Rong Ruo, in a similar situation, cherish each other. In the lonely days, we sighed with impermanence and secretly shed tears. We are strong and laughter, and we learn to forget. These depressed emotions inevitably appear in my heart. But at the same time I found a little joy. A person's training, the mind is easy to focus on doing something, thinking independently, making the analysis more organized. After spending the period of depression, I began to appreciate and enjoy this kind of loneliness and loneliness. Some things have to be faced by one person, growing courage and ability. The more sad you are, the more you have to be happy, and you can't let others look flat. Facts have proved that Rong Ruo coincides with me. After he recovered, he studied more concentrating and finally gave him a scholar at the age of twenty-three. This is a perfect ending, and my ending is still in my own hands. To enjoy loneliness is a feeling of love and courage. In the lonely days, I will become more sober and strong. The good memories of the past have been turned over in the pages of my heart Online Cigarettes. The hardships of the past will not disturb me anymore. I walked in loneliness, and the lonely ones searched for the past, and they all became cordially miss the future Carton Of Cigarettes, and they were all clenched in my hands.
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