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18.11.2019 04:41
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He has already opened a second bottle of wine, perhaps through the wine, and began to talk about his life experience. There are three brothers in their family. He is the youngest, and his family is not very good. All the things are given to him by his brothers, so he barely wears new clothes. Therefore, when he was a child, he secretly vowed that he must make a head in the future. One day after school, he said to his father: "I don't want to study." So resolute tone and calm eyes, people suspect that this is not from the mouth of a child who has not graduated from an elementary school. His father asked him: "What else can you do besides reading?" He said: "I am doing business with you." His father sighed and shook his head, thinking: the condition of the family is not very good, the tuition of the second child It has already made us so burdensome, and he does not want to study, so he will go with him. So his father agreed. From then on, when he was in his early age, he began his own journey. He started to get up early every day, helped his father to grind tofu, made tofu, sold tofu, and the little body, as if he didn't know how tired, even if he was tired, he just sat on the bench. After a while, I lived so busy in my life. At the age of twenty, my father died. He felt that the sky had collapsed. Since then, he has learned to live alone. He is busier than ever, of course on his shoulders. The task is also heavier. Once, the tofu was lost, and there was no money at all. The tofu workshop, which had been worked hard by his father during his lifetime, was about to close down. He always loved his face and he had to borrow four hundred dollars from his father��s sister to turn around Carton Of Cigarettes. A few days later, his father��s sister asked him to pay back the money. He said that he could slow down again. His father��s sister said that he could buy a lot of things for four hundred dollars. Hearing this sentence, he said nothing, went to a friend��s house to borrow. Money, borrowed from a family, until the piecemeal of four hundred dollars, returned to the father's sister. Since then, he has not stepped into the doorstep of his father's sister's house, even if he saw it, he also became a stranger. A few years later, he switched to a cloth business, then married, and then he worked in the hotel and was promoted to be a manager. After more than a decade of hard work, the people who couldn��t look at him all turned to please him, but he was unmoved because he firmly remembered how they treated him before, even four hundred. Money is not willing to borrow Marlboro Gold, not only did not help him in times of adversity, but instead a fight. He said that he was deeply in mind, and it was these that made him try to be a better person. This person is my father, a strong, never-spoken man, guiding me, becoming a landscape on my life, so that I can eliminate troubles Parliament Cigarettes, and getting out of exhaustion is that he makes me understand, long life, who? Can you say that you are walking along the way, all the way to the sun? Who can say that they will not be frustrated and hit again in the future, we have not seen the success behind the thorns and rapids! If you simply withdraw from the "battlefield" because of a moment of frustration, you will only be self-confessed in the end. If you always lose your courage because you are afraid of failure, you will never pursue your dreams, just like in the song. Singing, the sun is always after the storm. And I finally realized that no matter how difficult and tortuous the road of the future is, I can��t help myself. I am also a unique landscape.
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