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didn't leave, the company was the most confession. Time passed quietly, and I could do nothing. Countless ordinary days and nights reciprocate, and his company has given the years an added sense of reality, adding glory to this ordinary day. Physics is getting harder and harder. I have scored a few high scores just by being clever, and I am really dwarfed by those hard-working classmates Newport Cigarettes Coupons. During the evening self-study, the classmates were dispersed. I went to the physics teacher's office to ask questions. The moon shadow is mottled, like a young girl's figure, light as silk, like water, elegant like Sheng, and like flute. Looking at the crowd leaving the school gate, a loneliness struck: Everyone goes, who will return? It seems destined to be unaccompanied. When I got to the door, I clasped the door gently, and there was only one teacher left. He lowered his head and thought about something. He raised his head and asked me to come in. Sorry, it was very late. �� I am slow and they are all gone. "Looking at me embarrassed, he smiled, and the familiar heavy bass:" It doesn't matter, I will accompany you. "Sai Caiyi's heart was firm, calm down, walking through the complicated machinery, looking at the obscure formula, but I retired, the dancing pen gradually stopped. The teacher saw my mind, but Did not say anything, just sat beside me and stayed with me. My eyes motioned to think again Marlboro Gold, don't give up so easily, I looked at him, maybe it was too tired, there were a few wrinkles on my cheeks Marlboro Lights, two The eyes were full of deep light, and there was no anxiety or blame in those eyes, but they were practical and encouraging. I know that his company is the best teaching. So I re-waved the pen to disassemble, transform, Calculating, merging ... finally got the idea! The teacher took a sip of tea and said: "Power is invisible, but it is real. You can feel it every moment. "Looking out the window, there was a twilight, and I heard the breeze whispering, the ancient tree whispering. I suddenly realized: solid, hard-working, hard-working, just like force, it is the cornerstone of the success road. Long love confession, it is your spiritual station. "Yes, the teacher's company has added a sense of peace and peace to these gentle years, and he dispelled the layers of shame in my heart. He told me: boy, take your time, I will accompany you. He leads me, following this companion, firmly and surely going to the future
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