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say?" "Yes, mother, sister is rig Antworten

As the saying goes: "A glance at the former sages and their homes was made possible by diligence, frugality, and extravagance." In today's worry-free society, the most precious quality is frugality. I was holding the heavy packing box in my hand and couldn't help feeling. "Auntie treats at noon today, children can order it!" Mother said to her sister with a smile, pushing the menu in front of her sister. "Auntie, you can order, I can just eat whatever I want." The younger sister was very sensible, got up and put the menu lightly in front of her mother, and her mother no longer resigned, ordering many dishes at once, as if more dishes were ordered, The greater the face. Immediately afterwards, a long list of dishes was "stored" on the table. Seeing that there were more and more dishes on the table, we could only put the two tables together, and then we could barely put them down. Every time a dish is served, the mother will show a contented smile, the fine lines in the corners of the eyes are tightly squeezed together, and in the face of the table full of hot and delicious, the sister held her head and sighed. "I think ... it should be a bit frugal." No one cares about my sister, I yelled at the sky, and loved the food in front of me. "Let's go, don't eat." Mom stood up and took a nap. I patted the bulging belly, and as soon as my feet were lifted, my sister held me: "Sister, is this ... too wasteful?" "It's okay, what a big deal!" I patted my sister's On the shoulder, she pursed her mouth and looked sad. "Auntie, I'll invite the waiter and pack it for us. Look, there are many dishes that haven't even touched the chopsticks!" Yeah Marlboro Lights, the smell is fragrant, The brightly colored squirrel fish is full of pots, and the wild mushroom soup that hides the wild atmosphere is still steaming! Seeing these hot dishes were dumped, I was really reluctant. "Oh, we don't have to eat, and want to eat and buy again Cigarettes For Sale, why should we eat the rest?" Mother frowned and said distressed. "Auntie. Actually, I didn't mean it that way. The elders often taught us to be frugal, so we try to be as economical as possible. I'll ask the waiter to help us pack it. What do you say?" "Yes, mother, sister is right, we really can't waste it, you see, there is still a lot of food." I followed to persuade my mother. The mother froze clearly Cheap Cigarettes, lowered her eyes, glanced at the leftovers, and seemed to think: "Pack!" The sister smiled, exposing two big front teeth that were only half-length. My younger sister is so small, but she knows how to save. This is one of the qualities I admire the most, but my sister has an empty name, which really makes me feel ashamed. But today, I finally completed the CD-ROM operation with my little sister and my mother.
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