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17.12.2019 07:16
, but also told me many Philosophi Antworten

Recently, I read the book Chicken Soup for the Mind. "Chicken Soup for the Mind" is a book about philosophy and reasoning in life. I wrote 211 philosophical stories and other outstanding qualities as the main content. Each short article told a truth of being a man. The one that impressed me most was "A Mathematical Problem." This story is about Gauss. It was said that Gauss solved a problem with more than 2000 years of unsolved cases when he was in college. This problem was not solved even by mathematicians such as Archimedes and Newton in his lifetime, and Gauss only used one. It was solved at night. In fact, Gauss's teacher accidentally caught Gaussian's workbook when he couldn't do it. Gauss mistakenly thought it was the homework assigned by the teacher, and it took a whole night to solve it. When the teacher told him the truth, he was taken aback, saying that if he knew that this was a case that was more than 2000 years old, he might not be able to solve it Marlboro Lights. Yes, "Ignorant is fearless". Sometimes Hou does not know how difficult it is. When we are doing a problem, if someone says that it is a very simple problem, we may do it soon, and we are confident in the answer. If someone says that this problem cannot be done by a mathematician, then even if we do If you go out, you will doubt whether your answer is correct. In fact, this is all our psychology. When others say simplicity, our goodness will be stimulated, because no one wants to do simple problems. And when others say that even mathematicians can't do it, we are inferior to mathematicians, and we think: mathematicians can't do it, can I still do it? Then it won't be long before we give up and stop working hard. This is the fear of difficulties. We think too much of the difficulties, and we are intimidated by them. This story tells us: When you do things, don't think about difficulties, do your best, and you may do wonders. Another reason Gauss could do this problem is that he persisted. This reminds me of my own experience. One time, when I was doing a math problem, I saw it again and found it too difficult. I gave up without thinking about it. My mother told me that I could do it just by trying a few numbers. , I tried it and it worked out, that's why I didn't want to insist. In fact, as long as you persist, many impossible things will become possible. I remember that I didn't know anything about the "flower jump" of skipping rope when I was in the third grade, but because no one in the class participated in the "flower jump" competition, the teacher asked me to participate. In order not to be ugly on the field, I went home to practice hard, but because the time away from the game was too short, it was impossible to improve a lot at a time Parliament Cigarettes, and the results during the game were really not good. This irritated me, and since then I've kept skipping ropes every day. After practicing for a year like this, my grades have improved greatly. The next year, the teacher asked me to participate in the "Flower Jump" competition. This time I am not afraid. Sure enough, I got good grades, and the teacher praised me. This is the result of perseverance. The book "Chicken Soup for the Mind" has many such short stories. This book not only increased my knowledge, but also told me many Philosophical principles teach me how to face life Carton Of Cigarettes, cherish life, and the spiritual character of life.
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