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17.12.2019 07:16
During this period, my Antworten

During this period, my dad and I read "How Steel Is Made". After reading, my dad and I were very touched and had many words to say endlessly Wholesale Cigarettes. I said, "Paul's life is very tortuous. He is by no means a born hero, but he has been honed in the difficulties of battle, labor, and work through his own struggles. The ill young man became a communist fighter with lofty ideals, strong will, and strong character. Not only was Paul subjected to countless persecution and exclusion during the revolution, when he retired from injury and lost his eyesight, I was paralyzed and faced with the threat of death. I was still stubborn and unyielding. I started a new life with pen as a weapon. There is only one thing that can save him, and that is to feel that the people need him and know that his survival is not unhelpful. "Yes, a person has only a lofty ideal and pursuit, and a noble purpose in life. Only then will not be overwhelmed by the difficulties and misfortunes in life, will you be strong in the struggle, mature, understand life, love life. Speaking of how steel is made? We must think of that blazing high-temperature furnace. Indeed, each of us is like pig iron, and the frustrations and difficulties in life are like a furnace. Iron and steel can only be achieved by one way��Lian Dad said, "Life can be said to be a tortuous and bumpy road. In the journey of life, you will encounter many difficulties and face the blow of failure. And the pain that is not understood, etc. But all of this is short-lived. After breaking through obstacles and overcoming difficulties, we will look back at the path we have walked, and we will realize that it is the flame of tempering life. How many heroes, The great men are all trained in the blazing flames Cheap Cigarettes, as people often say: "Bao Jianfeng emerges from sharpening, and plum blossoms come from bitter cold. "Compared with Paul, the difficulties we encounter in our studies and life are really insignificant. What reason do we have to sigh and stagnate? A person can only establish a lofty ideal, create excellent qualities, and have a persistent pursuit. With the right goal in life, he will not be dragged down by life or overwhelmed by misfortune, he will be strong in the raging flames of suffering, mature, love life, enrich himself, and welcome a better tomorrow. Today's society is a fiercely competitive information society, and the knowledge economy has begun to take shape. From the perspective of the international community, peace and development have become the main theme of the times, and international competition around the economy and science and technology has become increasingly fierce. The commanding heights of China have brought new opportunities and challenges to China. The pace of China's "catch up to the times" is accelerating, which makes us Chinese people face opportunities and challenges for comprehensive rejuvenation. The country needs knowledge and will Strong, decisive and innovative people. So we have no choice but to leapfrog The embarrassment of knowledge, go forward bravely! The bell of the 21st century is about to ring. We are standing on the threshold of the new century, looking for the hero complex of the past, and rebuilding the "Paul spirit". It is of great significance. For the prosperity and prosperity of our great motherland, let We use Paul as an example to refine our lives and embrace our future with optimism Newport Cigarettes Coupons.

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