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04.01.2020 02:19
even despair, but think aga Antworten

The three-year-old widowed father was brought to his grandfather's house by his mother and grandmother. The grandfather was a rude, selfish little homeowner, but was on the verge of bankruptcy. But at the same time the two crickets were equally rude Cheap Cigarettes, even their children followed And the heroine Alyosha was abused in such a family, and his grandfather often hit them like crazy, which made me feel uneasy. Childhood should have been good, but Alyosha ��s childhood was All day watching two crickets quarrelling and fighting for the possession of the family, open fighting and selfishness and greed in the chores of life. Such things have long impressed him, but there are still people who love him. She is a grandmother. A grandmother is a kind, kind, intelligent and capable person. She has a big heart, can tolerate anyone, loves life, and often tells Ariesha some stories of the poor and the weak. In such a terrible living environment In middle school Marlboro Cigarettes, he was taught to be upright and righteous. So when he faced the death of Little Izaga, Alyssa's eyes were wet, and the good friend who had been whiplashed by his grandfather for him left so quietly. He, the fall of the cross, can no longer see the beauty, persistence, the simple little Izakaya, the selfishness of ours has led to the death of the young Izakaya, and the ugly side of ours has been exposed, making Alesha silent I hate them. Gorky wrote at the beginning, "Sometimes I ca n��t even believe it myself. There are many things that I would like to refute and deny, because in the dark life of a 'fool in the family', it ��s cruel. There are too many things. "But at the same time, we can also see the other side of the darkness, and there is something called light, as long as we are full of hope for the light, a little faint fire can also be infinitely amplified, that is, Say don't lose confidence in any unfortunate facts, there are always people who will make you feel pain or even despair, but think again, the darkness has passed, the dawn of dawn will always come, as long as you are optimistic and kind, then Your light is bound to come. When I read this, I was deeply touched. "Our life is amazing. Not only is this layer of soil full of animal-like bad things in our lives so rich and fertile. ,and Also because bright, healthy, creative things are still victoriously growing from this soil, and the goodness inherent in good people is growing, these things evoke our hope that is hard to destroy, hope that a bright, humane life will wake up "It wants to tell us how the new generation grows up stubbornly and stubbornly, and in a lifetime full of yearning for a good life Cigarettes Online, we should not think about how to get more, but cherish what we have own!
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