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04.01.2020 02:19
ong time for the turtle to come Antworten

The sly fox Parliament Cigarettes, the brave lion, the stupid sheep, the hungry wolf, the intelligent human ... These vivid and distinctive characters are all from the world famous Aesop's Fables. Take the "Turtle Rabbit Race", which is familiar to three-year-olds. A story happened between a turtle and a rabbit, and that was a race. As soon as he started running, the rabbit disappeared without a trace, but the turtle crawled slowly. The rabbit ran halfway and thought: Anyway, I can definitely win this game, so wait for the turtle Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I will sleep! Finally, the turtle reached the end. Maybe the rabbit woke up with the turtle theory: "You didn't win because I was sleeping. If I don't sleep, the winner is me!" Since you know you won if you don't sleep, why do you still sleep? I think the story The rabbits here are really similar to me. They don't do things down-to-earth and feel good about themselves. They always feel that they are the best. They can do it and lose in the end. When I read this story when I was very young, I was very envious of the tortoise, because the tortoise was originally going to lose, but happened to meet the rabbit without putting it in his eyes, and slept it for a while before winning. The turtle is really lucky. As I grew older, I realized that in fact the turtle crawled honestly and did its best to not give up Marlboro Lights, not give up, so it was the last laugh. This conviction is worthy of our study, "How do you do your homework?" Shouted at my mother who was lying at the table and playing games. "Ah, there are a few days anyway, take your time!" I was impatient. During the National Day holiday, one day is about to start school. I have n��t done any homework. I play computer games every day, and my mother wo n��t work. As a result, school started, and my homework was dropped. Hey, I really regret it. I always think that there are still many days, just like a rabbit. I always think that there is still a long time for the turtle to come over, so I lost in the end. This personal experience made me understand more that there must be a sense of urgency in everything, and the things in front of me must be done quickly. In fact, the story "Drawing a Snake" is also somewhat similar. Some people picked up a pot of wine, and they all wanted to drink, so they decided to draw a snake together, and whoever drew fast would drink. One person finished painting early, and to see that others had not finished painting, he added a few legs to the snake. As a result, he didn't say anything, it was all right, others drank the pot of wine. He is similar to a rabbit: he feels good about himself, works with his own mind, and is clever. Aesop's Fable takes you back to the ancient Greek civilization and provides you with an inexhaustible source of thought. Hurry up and read it
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