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10.04.2020 03:25
How to Choose the Most Flattering Human Hair Wigs Antworten

Women have many reasons for buying wigs. Sometimes they feel they need the wig to hide thinning hair. Or they may simply want to try different hairstyles. Human hair wig, like haircuts and colors, can and should be customized to showcase your best assets. Find out how to choose the most flattering wig for your unique beauty.

Look at Your Face Shape
What's one of the first pieces of advice when you're considering a new haircut? Look at your face shape. This advice applies to wigs, too. Your face shape can help dictate flattering hairstyles at any length of hair.

Take Your Skin Color Into Consideration
The hairstyle is only half of the lace front wig. The color of the wig's hair will also have a significant impact on how well it flatters you. Again, advice for natural hair works well for wig selection, too. In this case, you need to take your natural coloration into consideration.

First of all, determine what your natural skin coloration is. One way to do this is to stand in natural light and hold first a cool-colored cloth and then a warm-colored cloth against your face. The tone of the shirt relates to the tone of your skin — cool colors look better against cool-toned skin and vice versa.To choose a natural-looking hair color, match the tone of the hair to the tone of your skin.

Make Your Eyes Pop
Your natural skin tone will only dictate whether you should choose warm- or cool-toned remy hair colors. However, since you want your hairstyle to flatter your face as much as possible, choose a wig that also complements your eyes. If this is your goal, you want bangs. They help frame your whole face and make your eyes center stage.

No matter your skin and eye color, you do want to take in one more important consideration — your age. Darker colors can look harsh, while silvery colors can age you. Look for a wig in a hue and saturation that also flatters your age.

Think About Your Preferred Hairstyle
A hairstyle that feels natural to you will always feel more flattering. So if you're buying a wig more out of need, consider what your preferred hairstyle is. That said, think also about what hairstyle you always wanted but couldn't have, either because your hair wasn't the right texture or you couldn't make the time commitment. Buying a wig levels both of those playing fields — you can choose a wig in any hair texture, and you likely won’t have to style your wig very often.

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