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18.04.2020 08:35
Facing the spring breeze Antworten

Facing the spring breeze and the scorching sun, we have stepped into the rhythm of the march of the sports meeting! Look, the neat team is the note of our team; listen, the loud slogan is the decorative sound on the note! Entering the playground, in a short time, the team is like a fierce beast singing their own slogan. They are majestic and vigorous. The tune can only be described in two words! In this tune, the Games officially started! Soon, everyone's attention was attracted by the 60-meter sprint race. After a while, the athletes were ready to start on the starting line. The original grandstand was quiet. Everyone is silently praying for their class to win. "Bao", with a clear gunshot, the athletes flew out like offline arrows. They rushed forward, and the spectators in the stands burst into cheers from the moment the athletes started. Li Jiayi of our class leads the way, I secretly cheer for her: Li Jiayi, you must win! Of course, it did not disappoint, and gloriously won the first place. Next is the 800-meter long-distance race to test athletes' endurance. Guo Mingyu of our class won cheers as soon as he played Cheap Cigarettes. With the sound of a gun, everyone was scrambling forward. At the beginning, Guo Mingyu left the others far away. One lap, two laps, three laps ... By the fourth lap, she was flying fast and successfully won the championship. Soon it was the turn of the solid ball, it was time for me to play, and I was very excited. The solid ball used for the game is only 1.5 kg, and I used 2 kg for practice, so I am very confident Marlboro Cigarettes. The game started. I squeezed my feet and used all my strength to throw the ball forward. The solid ball drew a beautiful arc in the air, fell loudly, and hit a white mark on the grass. I won the flag, the first ball was thrown 5.25 meters. A high score of 5.58 meters was thrown in the next two balls! I returned to my seat with excitement. The score came down, and I became the fourth place of glory. Upon hearing the good news, I was so happy that I jumped three feet tall and happily pulled Liu Xintong to receive the award Newport 100S. In the end, our class won the second place in the year group, and the bright red certificate was hung on the class wall. Whenever I see it, I feel glorious. Isn't it chilling, how can you get plum blossoms? This certificate of merit was exchanged with hard work and sweat. This reminds me that at every stage of life, you will not succeed without hard work
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