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18.04.2020 08:35
In the third class Antworten

In the third class this morning, our fifth grade launched the annual English subject festival. This academic festival is divided into five programs: the first is the sketch of our class, the second is the solo of Peng Chengzhi in the five (3) class, the third is the poem recitation "fivelittlemonkey", the fourth is us All sang "mylove" and "baby", the last one was the movie Appreciation "Dirty Me". At around 10:30, the English Discipline Festival officially opened. The sketch of our class performance is about giving way and crossing the road. Zhao Hanqing plays the grandfather Newport 100S, Jiang Fanyang and Zhang Chenyu perform "passionate" passers-by. It happened on the bus at the beginning. The grandfather wearing a hat and crutches was about to get off, and the passengers in the car thought he was here to find a seat, so he pulled him down and drove a few stops. The grandfather only wandered off the bus, and there was a road next to the station. The grandfather was about to pass. As a result, he was discovered by a passerby and he did a live Lei Feng. When the grandfather was about to praise him, a passerby Pulling him back again, the two were so quarrelsome Cheap Cigarettes, and finally the grandpa himself crossed the road. These two passers-by are really helpless! Although this sketch is only a few minutes, but in exchange for the lasting laughter of the students. The second program is a solo by Peng Chengzhi of the five (3) class. Applause from the classmates sounded, especially at the climax, he sang harder and harder, not only us, even the teacher's applause became louder and louder! After all of us recite teriously and so hard, so in our hearts, we sing the best! "Baby", to this song that we all know well! We are so excited, looking at Bieber's MV, singing together desperately, this is our happiest time, "Baby Marlboro Gold, baby, baby, ohh ~" to rap Some times, the music stopped, the music only has one class time, but the happiness brought to us is endless
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