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16.11.2021 06:37
seek you at your school Antworten

"I probably returned to for 30 minutes in the outside."The autumn of the leaf says, but at cut and polish Ran to seek winter night him is what matter son.Can't be still need to clap MV?
"Good.I wait you."Ran Dong Ye says and then hanged a telephone.
When leaf the autumn drive car to return to blue apartment of time, indeed as expected see Ran the red shell insect winter night stopping in the front door.Hear car voice, Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er are from the house in rush out, the Ran stands on the gallery to follow the next face winter night sweet smile an idea.
"Mo thick elder sister.You can come back on the whole.Am I worried that you didn't once come back Christmas."Tang Guo says with a smile.
Lin Bao Er this time but is rushed at a leaf for autumn.Say with proud look:"Leaf's elder brother Qiu, your absence.I also have to do exercises in gymnastics every day.Don't believe you to ask Tang Tang the elder sister, she can give me the testimony."
The autumn of the leaf looking at her face expectation wants to praise of look in the eyes and red rush toward of small face, really wanted to stretch hand to knead in the past.
Say with a smile:"It is quite good.Want to keep on insisting over a long period of time.I teach you some other things next month.""Is true of?Thank leaf's elder brother Qiu."The one face of Lin Bao Er excitedly screams.
"Winter son seeks me to have what matter?"The autumn of the leaf walks over there winter night to the Ran.
"H'm.Some small matters."The Ran says winter night.In fact she thinks just come and leaf the autumn talk Christmas evening party preparation of business, and make her seeing thick to record a ground of MV, most important of BE, she wants to see her.Tomorrow is Saturday, if want to wait he to go to school, still have to two day.So she directly runs to inside in the blue apartment.
"Enter a house to sit."The leaf autumn point nods and smiles invitation.
"Good."Ran winter night and Chen Mo Nong beat voice hello, consumedly the square square came in.
"Leaf's elder brother Qiu, she is getting more ill-mannered.She come to is a guest, I and the Tang Tang elder sister pour tea for her and also accompany her chat, she would not like to manage us."The heel of Lin Bao Er at leaf autumn nearby, small voice the small report that beat Ran winter night.
Ran is winter night of distemper, is that to accompany her chat?These two women see after she come, with defend a thief, ask ground is also some rare strange peculiar question.Finally she was simply don't answer, with concentration the ground drinks tea to wait a leaf autumn back.
"Be.Is too ill-mannered.Or the big building somebody else come out of, the other people talk all would not like to message of reply.We are the guest to her, she goes to not to play the host us."Tang Guo also makes a noise to attach and way.
See come to 2 people to early measure for the company good, time is waiting autumn and Chen Mo Nong to come back at the leaf sue in court.
Perhaps they even all the reasons company measure like, otherwise and how can match with such tacit understanding?
The autumn of the leaf will these two small 38 words round if the Wang smells, invite Ran after sitting down winter night, smile an explanation way:"I went to Su Hang and is several days.It can't seek a guidance member to ask for leave to is too hasty to walk ground.Just beat voice hello for Yang Le, handed over to Christmas evening party ground matter son also he.Your creativity's being very good, guiding a member is accredit.They were presumed to all prepare ground about."
"H'm.I am suddenly to think of severals interestingly link, seek you at your school, say to measure with your company.Unfortunately you not at, you say back, I just-occupy to pass by a this place.Come over and see."The Ran says with a smile winter night and finally have no not bashful say that oneself is to come to see a leaf for autumn.
Tang Guo sees a leaf for autumn and Ran one face smile idea ground chat winter night, a bit not great.BE about to open mouth to expose Ran isn't the false words with occupy to pass by a this place winter night, but drive Chen Mo Nong to pull, make her not ill-manneredly and the guest fight.
Be on one's own initiative sought to come by the rival in love but can not counter-attack, Tang Guo's in the mind bands together very much and says to Chen Mo Nong:"Mo thick elder sister, you see, do you see their many intimacieses?Hereafter how will all this end?We want united front, unanimously and outward, expel other women all blue apartment."
Chen Mo Nong embarrassedly averts from Tang Guo's sincere look in the eyes, the in the mind is in confusion.She to leaf autumn the feeling content slice, oneself and matter of leaf autumn also can conceal down.This a moment, Chen Mo Nong has the kind the negative offense feeling for hasing illicit love a sort to Tang Guo.Have been all regarding as her person whom daughter's sort treats, but took place with the man that she like relation.

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