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One hair bullet side shuttles to pass by from the face door in leaf autumn.The other party anti- hand one after the gun, don't stop over as well, the speed runs forward more fastly.
"Guo Cheng Yang, can your thinking also escape this time?"The autumn of the leaf shouts a way in the behind.He just turned round to open fire ground a moment to recognize out from the other party he.
"That comes right away to try."The orotund dark ground of Guo Cheng Yang says, voice more of rapid.
The autumn of the leaf certainly needs to try and present arms the dynasty Guo Cheng Yang's gunning.
Guo Cheng Yang's a leg is being beaten, fall on the ground a while.Even if and so, Guo Cheng Yang still keeps quickly turning round gunning.Don't want to let the leaf closes to for autumn.
The autumn of the leaf is avoiding being seen Guo Cheng Yang's bullet and rounding a turn son to approach to him.Since have already made sure his identity, want to give° him take down naturally.
Guo Cheng Yang until handle knob inside two fire away the bullets of gun all, still have no leaf autumn to solution after dropping, a bit frustrated, know oneself today is can not run.
The autumn of the leaf smilingly walks over there and says:"How?The once saying you can not run."
Guo Cheng Yang raises head, carefully conjecturing a leaf the autumn is some kind of, ask a way:"Who are you ?Han You traverses of dog?"
".Not, you say anti-."The autumn of the leaf puts to say.
Guo Cheng Yang is one Leng, say anti-?Han You's traversing is him ground dog?
"Do how is a bargain?I have a thing and believe that you must be interested in."Guo Cheng Yang diligently makes his/her own town settle down and conceive outline Anne in brain insurance is the way of Yi.
"Trade?There is no interest.Is so cold sky of, I want to return to embrace wife's sleeping."The autumn of the leaf beats yawn and raises the head that the gun takes aim at Guo Cheng Yang, then resolutely buttons up a trigger.
After a gun rings, the generation that smell Su Hang fierce Guo Cheng Yang then pour at pool of blood in.
The life is oddness, some on the hoof time for person magnificent and victorious.Dead of but is thus simple.This doesn't know is happy or sorry.
The ancients talks:Snowinging isn't cold, turn snow cold.This sentence is still quite right.
Snow quite a few world snow, the weather seldom the Jing Lang get up.The sky still appears gently the sun, on the ground and the roof ascend the accumulated accumulated snow is slowly melting, in this process.Took out to leave a great deal of hot air, the person was dressed in cotton dress to still feel that the whole body is to the bone ice-cold.The autumn of the leaf and under the circumstance that but wise husband and wife thousand reiterate ten thousand to instruct, Chen Mo Nong opens car to rush through to the Yan city.Su Hang ground the affair is on the whole to come to an end for the time being, Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er constantly presses them to return to, and the leaf autumn still received form master Chen Hai Liang's telephone and asked him the circumstance of Christmas program.The words done not return to again, once failing to catch Christmas is afraid.
The beginning sexual love once moistens of Chen Mo Nong is clearly gorgeous moving, the shape gets a development, be like have a full figure more ground.The hair dish is over the head.Lips red Chi white, thin sweep beautiful eyebrows, be dressed in come ground occupation suit.Because the weather is cold, be dressed in black stockings on the leg, it lets the desire of kind hide to face still and on the contrary and more stirs up a person to inside peep desire.
This next Su Hang biggestly the result is the development that had breakthrough with this chemisette relation.
Until the leaf autumn just thinks of and seemed to be that evening to forget birth-control measure now.However Chen Mo Nong so intelligence ground woman, definitely have way solution of?
The autumn of the leaf is driving and grasping Chen Mo Nong's hand and say with a smile:"Father-in-law's mother-in-law keeps on requesting to stay again, I loathed to give up to walk."
Chen Mo Nong's facial expression first is an abashed.Then then spread all over skein of sorrow, said to the leaf autumn very in earnest:"The autumn of the leaf, you promise my business to forget.In the Yan city, our relations are still similar to the past."
"If while missing you, and I?"The leaf autumn Tian wears a face to say with smile.
"That is your own business, have nothing to do with me."Chen Mo Nong says.
The autumn of the leaf but want to talk of time, the cellular phone bell ring in the pocket rang.Take out come on seeing, the call shows to is a Ran a winter night ground number.
The autumn of the leaf was swept Chen Mo Nong's one eye with the canthus, connected a telephone and said:"Feed.Winter son has what matter?"

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