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17.11.2021 14:26
today is Christmas Antworten

Woman, always like to play some smart in small way.Want to kiss close, we aren't a stingy man again.
When they fix to go for a sky, the river city square increases to greet New Year, but spends the crowd of road in the smoke in without cause drive Tong knife of time, the leaf autumn just realizes there is some not in the right sons in the affair.Isn't too normal tonight, seemed someone always when own front cloth liked a bureau, whenever oneself is through a place, they would start launching this situation, then lead long oneself to pull to come in.
If were they surrounded by the cellophane noodles in the south wreath market?
If isn't that his action is too quick, is give°ing those small bludgers to knock down before police rushes through come?
Without cause of, again is who run the knife of Tong?
And, see from their object of Tong knife, their main targets are they.They are to want to kill they's shot on the road.
They why frightened that they go to river city square in sky?
This viewpoint the Shan is now in the brain.The autumn of the leaf a while panic get up.Take out a cellular phone to look into.The cellular phone unexpectedly didn't know to when shut down.Tried several times.Can't open.The autumn of the leaf uses Ran again winter night ground the cellular phone beat blue apartment ground telephone.It is Chen Mo Nong to connect ground.Say Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er accompanied to make Tang Bu Yi go out to go shopping.
Go out to go shopping?Went to river city square in sky?
Leaf autumn ground the way of thinking is gradually clear.After in a hurry hanging up Chen Mo thickly a telephone.Pulled Ran winter night ground to hurtle into inside in a police station in the neighborhood.
The autumn of the leaf takes no cognizance those police ground inquiry and reprimand angrily to.Say winter night to the Ran:"Make a phone call for your family.Let them send a person to pick you up to return to."
Ran winter night lovely head in the location.Say:"You have to notice a safety.The leaf once turns round autumn.Immediately and greatly tread to run over there to the river city square in sky.The matter is abnormal to necessarily have a demon.Must be Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er, they had an accident.Someone wants to begin in the river city square in sky.Originally they haven't given up hope.Have been in quiet incubating at nearby.
The river city square in sky has already become a pot of gruel indiscriminately, numerous people gush to the outside, and a few entrances are all flowed a ground dead hopeless situation.It is ram-jam full.Because matter suddenly, this again is don't organize of defeat and dispersed, have of passage unexpectedly because the person flows out pass by of too many.The everyone card doesn't go in the street corner.The person of behind more gathers more many, front of the pressure is also more and more big.Crying for voice with insult and humiliate a voice to ring into one regiment.
The made of iron railing is also trampled to pour, someone was blunt to run in the past to the highway went up.Resulted in the severity of the highway's blocking again.Here is the gold district of Yan city, peacetime car serious, today is Christmas, many people especially the idea rush through to come over number to pour to account greet New Year, so a disorderly next go, is person's discharge to greatly increase.
The car trumpet is long to blare, can before tunnel road up all round full person.The root is in difficult pass.The police, who is responsible for preserving order, constantly made a phone call to want to find out white to exactly take place what matter son.But no one can say to know.
Some news of getting was square occurrence shooting, is a shooting first peripherally the person is afraid the mistake harms himself/herself and took place the mess of small scale.Then with order to take noodles, other persons see a this place of the person try very hard to escape, and the facial expression fears and also follow to outside gush to go, turn into large-scalely trample affairs.
Police's bureau chief Wu Bing of river branch office in the sky wiped a pair of the sweat on the forehead, know that oneself is dooming this time.The Yan city is a lot of years of don't lead affairs like this, can have never thought but drive oneself to run into.No matter this time can handle like.The position of bottom underneath is afraid is all hard to keep intact.
"The person who orderanies us helps an evacuation.Orderany our ground person to help an evacuation."Wu Bing voice hoarse, but have to continue loudly yell.Side there has been the activity of media reporter of figure, if the photograph of oneself negative Dai work is spread to a net by them up, afraid is again want to arouse to be lately an of netizen's riot.After the grass mire horse, hide-and-seek and 70 codes, will build on oneself again one is new of popular word.

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