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17.11.2021 14:29
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afraid is necessary to button up a few big hats on the oneself's head.Wu Bing pickeds up a cellular phone to haven't come yet and stir number, but own cellular phone first the one step ring out.
The arrival electricity of Wu Bing Kan shows of number, in the mind again is fiercely a tremble.The in the mind is dark to don't already scold.This old Chen does the time of work at ordinary times very slowly.This small report ground speed's pouring is top-grade.The words are from one personal mouth in come out, is a kind of flavor.If the leadership of top listenned to and believed old Chen's one-sided statement.Own problem can severity.But city bureau bureau chief Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang in this time beat to call words inquiry and prove that old Chen has already made collective report to him.Wu Bing intentionally waits until telephones to ring two more after, this just connected a telephone.But have no immediately converse, but is pulling throat to loudly shout a way:"The entrance of the left side, quickly the parties alienation spread.Gold captain, you take a brigade in person.Go quickly.Must promise the personnel's safety."
He does so for the sake of to city bureau a he's body of Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang first the private soldier direct on the scene of image, late some explain again, also had some wordses.That bureau chief Chen sits in the office to make collective report and always cannot compares with oneself to make collective report so conviction.
"Feed?Who?Oh, bureau chief Guo, sorry.It is sorry.I am too noisy, didn't notice is the telephone that you beat.Bureau chief Guo how are you, I want to make collective report to you an urgent circumstance."Wu Bing this just towards a words tube to loudly say.
"Boon.The bureau chief of the force, circumstance I mostly understood some.The affair is urgent, we didn't want a wave to take a lot of time.I only have a request:No matter pay a what earth price.All want to promise each citizen ground safety.You first and on the spot stare at, I now at on the way to river city in the sky square.Went to us and negotiate again.Occurrence so ground matter, we police's system want to shoulder responsibility."
Wu Bing hangs up a telephone and cut and polished the meaning of some kind of Guo positive sun words insides, the in the mind is dark to enjoy.What he said is the whole public security official's system to want to shoulder responsibility, not say their river branch office in the sky to shoulder responsibility.So, if oneself can the performance ground is good, still hopeful.
Think of this, Wu Bing again the gusto son is hundred percent.Loudly threaten a way:"For the sake of our tens of thousands life safeties of rank brotherseses, everyone wants to develop to be not afraid bleed Be not afraid of the spirit of sacrifice, diligently forward blunt.The leadership of top gives us of request BE:No matter pay to how weigh price, must promise people ground safety."
Pa Pa Pa!
Spot light flicker of Wu Bing Shen, another hero model will gradually rise.
The autumn of the leaf holds tight a men and loudly shouts a way:"In what happened matter?"
"Release me.Release me.Run quickly-"the man strongly struggle.But how can not also escape palm heart of leaf autumn, indignantly the boxing up beat to the leaf autumn body.
Leaf autumn anti- hand one box on the ear stir up in the past and loudly roared a way:"Calm down for me.Dead not person.The inside is exactly what is the row
Man this just calmness come down, saw leaf's one eye for autumn, say:"In kill people.Still have a gun----The bullet flies indiscriminately everywhere.Hurry son to run."
"Who die?"The leaf's autumn's in the mind beginning downwards sinks.
If Tang Guo Chu what matter of words, oneself again how give an account to the old headman?
Oneself's coming to is the bodyguard that is entrusted to do her of, in her most dangerous time, but not at she is nearby.Wasn't this simply employable?
"A lot of persons.A lot of persons all died.Release me quickly----"
The autumn of the leaf is loose to open that man's arm, he immediately yells to shout loudly to follow a person to fly to an outside to run.The body of leaf autumn stands where, some times all drive crowd of people to blunt ground of retreat.Is helpless under, he also has to jump in the other people's body.Trample crowd ground's head to run over there to the square center.
The sight of leaf autumn differs with ordinary people and from afar saw the situation that crowd the center arouses a war.
There is that wear the mask ground's man raised a gun to Tang Guo, but Tang Guo is to have respond, the view saw come over to oneself.
There is joy, there is captivation, have been already feared, have been already taken leave of, releasing is more however.
The autumn of the leaf's imitating a Buddha to see her is smiling to she, just says good-bye with oneself.

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